Monday, February 20, 2017

Winter Fund Raising Campaign

Don't know what to do with your tax refund? Now's the time to consider making a donation to Mary Worth and Me.

Your donations go to a very worthy cause!

Every dollar will go to rehabilitate Santa Royale's lost souls: Tommy Beedie (REHABILITATED), Jill Black, Dan Smithers, Nola Wolvenson (REHABILITATED), Bonnie Johnson (REHABILITATED), Helen Clark and especially Wanders himself.


Sandi Ego said...

Today is my birthday so I'm donating to you! Thanks for everything, Wanders!

Nance said...


Today's Boldface Haiku is titled "Mary Pops In A Videocassette Of It's A Wonderful Life So That Iris Shuts Up And Does Not Throw Away Several Years Of Community College".

Difference else's!
How? Think...Zak. Hurts without! Never.

KitKat said...

Wanders, I'm happy to donate to a blog that's filled with good humor and pithy comments, with no alternative facts or fake news. Thank you!

Happy birthday to Sandi Ego, one of the foremost citizens of the Worthiverse.

In today's MW, Mary offers to show Iris something. I sure hope it's the door.

Sharon said...

Wanders, thank you so much for the daily dash of wit and good humor! This blog is the best!

Happy Birthday, Sandi Ego!

r u ok? said...

Thank you Wanders - your site always brightens my day.

Mrvy said...

Done. Thanks, Wanders!