Monday, March 6, 2017

Mary Worth 2534

You know, simply by turning the picture upside down, it makes September 23rd's art completely different! Try the same thing at home using today's first panel, which appeared on September 22.

If you're trying to make changes in your life, here is some very good advice from the old Mary Tyler Moore show:


Delilah said...

Oh, man! So bummed that we haven't seen the last of the Tweedle-Beedies! Was so looking forward to a pool party in today's strip. : (

meg said...

Late one night at Charterstone

Mary, sipping liberally from a big glass of Pruno (aka prison wine, made from Tommy's recipe, substituting OAT for the bread- so much more nutritious), unleashes a Tweetstorm:

Shocking! Local 'humanitarian' skimming cash from Peace charity he founded.#doctor

Sad! Middle-aged widow carrying a torch for a grad student young enough to be her son.#druggie

Devious! Travel writer pretending to be searching the world for adventure is actually staying in a motel in Goleta watching the Discovery Channel.#eating sandwiches#extra mustard

Unprofessional! Widowed college professor is dating a student young enough to be his student.#yoga#parkour

Neglect! Summer residents ignore daughter's needs.#teehee

Green Card! Non-tenured prof worried about his immigration status.#notrueScotsman

Toxic! Local fish restaurant fails health district inspection.#Bum#Boat

Blonde! Much younger second wife spending clandestine afternoons with ex-con neighbor. #clowns#clay

Popular! Beautiful widow spurns two lovers; one dies, one endures.#freemeals

Irresistible! Talented well-known columnist having tea with buff condo handyman.#muffins

Foolish! Some people don't know how to follow excellent advice.#maryworth

KitKat said...

Oh Wanders and meg, you've taken my angst at All Beedies All the Time! and made me laugh. Thank you, thank you! If not for you two, I'd be pounding my head against the wall.

Let's lock Karen Moy in a room and keep her there until she promises to deep-six Iris and Tommy forever. #banishbeedies

Oh for a clown painting, lopsided clay animals, and a bagpipe...

Anonymous said...

Wanders - That was an incredible display of memory!

June Brigman is so bored that she couldn't draw another panel.
A rejuvenating stay at Pax Wellness Center is needed.

r u ok? said...

So are we going to see all the same panels from the last six months but with different dialog? Kind of a parallel universe, time loop, butterfly effect experience?

meg said...

June, our readers are getting restless. #stepupourgame

Karen, I so agree! I'll shave Mary's head in the next panel. Could you bring back Ian and Toby with a juicy storyline?#deathtobeedies

fauxprof said...

Karen Moy is stuck in a Beedie rut of her own making, and she doesn't know how to extricate herself. We must, in all humanity, stage an intervention and get her into rehab, or at least make her attend Beedie Anonymous meetings.

"Karen, we're all here because we care about you. You're hurting yourself and everyone around you. Look at poor June. She's repeating old panels and can't draw noses anymore. Roy is indiscriminately bolding random words. And Joe! Joe retired and he was only 93!"

tkraft said...

Yikes! Well said to my dear fellow Mary Worth and Me-nites. All I can add is to quote Bill Murray from the movie 'Groundhog Day': “What if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today.”

The Short-Fingered Vulgarian said...

@meg: Thank you for your tweetstorm! I laughed and laughed! ... You made it all sound so interesting ... a parallel universe indeed.