Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mary Worth 2539

If everyone with a knee problem never went on a cruise, the cruise lines would lose half their passengers! I've never cruised, but I have many friends who do, and most of them wish their health problems were limited to their knees. Cruise ships are floating geriatric wards.


Toots McGee said...

Spot on comment, wanders. There's mobility issues a' plenty on cruises.

I sure hope Mary and Toby are going to go. I want to see this desperately. Please Karen, don't tease us.

Mary and Toby on a cruise!
Mary and Toby on a cruise!
Mary and Toby on a cruise!
Mary and Toby on a cruise!

Will they share a cabin? The rates are based on double occupancy, so they will be throwing lots of money away if they each have their own cabin.

Will they get seated for dinner at a large table, grouped together with other random passengers? The meddling possibilities are endless!

Will two unaccompanied women on a cruise draw the attention of single men, looking to mingle?

Oh boy! Oh boy! Please please please!

Toots McGee said...

Do I sound a little desperate for something fresh (and probably hysterically warped in its loose adherence to reality)?

Yes and yes.

Nance said...

When I taught Creative Writing, we called a conversation like this one an Info Dump. Such obvious Exposition. Now that we've neatly stowed away two characters--and soon, Mary's "job"--we're off on a trip.

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled "Apparently, Scott And Adrian Have No WiFi".

Travel. Knee bothering.
No time, new house.
Understand time off!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Zak will be on the same cruise and hook up with Toby! Or even Mary!

(I can dream, can't I?)

-- S. McW.

Vince said...

I hope there will be discussion groups on the cruise, with time, date, and location posted on the bulletin board.

KitKat said...

I was stunned that KM actually mentioned Adrian and Scott! I guessed that it had been maybe five years since drove off for their honeymoon and into Worthiverse Oblivion (Worthiverse Purgatory?). Wrong! Wanders's terrific archive showed that it's been over six years! They probably have four kids running around that new house by now, perhaps tripping up Grandpa Jeff and his bum knee.

I foresee Mary and Toby dining at the captain's table. June, please make the captain look like Ken Kensington! (You can consult Wanders's archive.)

DWET said...


meg said...

Speaking of Jeff, tomorrow makes one year since D R Jazzy Jeff has made an appearance. Mary: " I can leave you alone, and know you're fine." Foreshadowing, much?

Anonymous said...

I sure hope Ken Kensington is on that boat, while Jeff stays home gingerly flexing his knee

KitKat said...

@meg at 12:26 PM, Jeff made a non-speaking cameo appearance on Christmas Day 2016:

If that is Jeff. Since he was MIA for so long, June didn't have an opportunity to draw him, so the man being served Splak Roast by Mary may be a homeless person she invited for Christmas dinner.

meg said...

KitKat- That's not Jeff unless he has had the cleft in his chin filled in and his chest hair removed. And I think Mary was serving Roast Splak, not Splak Roast.

S. Rosenberg said...

We all know that cruises don't end well in Worthiverse.

Yahoonski said...

"Not tonight, Mary. My knee is bothering me."

Speaking of cruises, does anybody else here remember Gale Storm, Zasu Pitts, and Roy Roberts in "Oh, Susanna"?

fauxprof said...

@Yahoonski, yes, I do remember. It was the pre-Love Boat. I wonder if Mary and Toby are thinking of a Panama Canal full transit cruise. we went on one that left from Ft. Lauderdale and ended up in Long Beach, so they must go in the opposite direction too. Once we took a Hawaii circle cruise that was round trip from San Diego, which would also be a good choice for our dynamic duo. realprof and I loved cruises, and went on several, so I am very much looking forward to KM getting it totally wrong!

DWET said...

@KitKat and @meg: Splak roast or roast Splak? Eating that always makes me kelk!

LouiseF said...

Wondered if anyone would reference the Mary Worth depiction of a cruise accident following the Costa Concordia disaster of January, 2012.Thanks, S Rosenberg..It did wonders for Wilbur's "wanderlust", so I fully expect Mary to ditch "Ask Wendy" after she and Toby have to out swim a pack of baby alligators once the SS Minnow turns over...