Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Mary Worth 2555

I am learning so much about cruising! Fish carpets. Key cards. Who knew? I'll let you know when it starts to sound interesting.


Delilah said...

Here's my guess at how the plotline (and I use that term loosely) will unfold:

Katie catches Derek on the poop deck (yes, that is an actual location) sneaking a cigarette.

Katie and Derek fight.

Mary finds Katie crying after consuming one, maybe ten adult beverages.

Mary meddles (standard plotline).

Weeks of Toby and Mary on the Love Boat interacting with other hapless passengers.

Concluding with KaRek happily disembarking.

KitKat said...

A former co-worker of mine and his wife went on an annual Caribbean cruise. (This was way back in the 20th century.) They dieted for three months beforehand because they always gained weight on the cruise from six meals a day plus freely available snacks. So, I'll append this to @Delilah's guesses: Toby bellies up to the buffet so often that she gains ten pounds and can't fit into her capris.

Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled "Even Copious Exclamation Marks Cannot Make This Interesting OR A Story".

Key cards, buffet!
Good idea.
Crowded other!

fauxprof said...

Well, KM got the key cards right. Since their voice balloons are emanating from the boarding shed and not the ship, it's a bit early to visit the buffet. This is going to be a long, boring cruise, very full of the "crowded other" from Nance's boldface haiku.

r u ok? said...

Food! Food! Food! Lot's of it! Even if it's crowded other! Are we going to see any of it or are we only going to see voice balloons coming from the ship where we hear about all the good food at the buffet? Maybe Mary could convince/meddle the Bum Boat into serving a Sunday brunch buffet - that would save her quite a bit of money.

tkraft said...

Y..A..W..N.. I never thought I'd say it, but bring back Tommy and Iris Beedie! Wanders, this plot line will be a little less painful if you could kindly add "Sea Cruise" by John Fogerty to the Charterstone Jukebox. If not, that's ok. Mr. Allora may be on a bit of a vacation as well. Or maybe he's checking up on his passport in case he decides to visit family and friends in Guadalajara. Or there could be State Department complications and Mary will heroically arrange for a seaborne landing originating from the SS Cruiseship to whisk him out of the country. Ok, now it's getting interesting! (Note: Karen and June, feel free to use this storyline. I relinquish all copyrights.)

Anonymous said...

That was a great idea Toby had, about going to the buffet, since it's lunchtime. The quality of the idea clearly amazed Mary. What if Toby had not come up with that idea? Lunchtime would have come and gone, and they would have had to wait until supper before visiting the buffet. Toby saved the day!

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Helpful Hint #5: "When you're hungry, go to the buffet! There's plenty to eat there, and plenty of interesting people looking for advice!"

You can say I'm boring, but I would LOVE to see weeks ... WEEKS! ... of Mary and Toby meddling in a parade of prosaic passengers' lives! Bring it on! YESSSSS!!!