Thursday, April 13, 2017

Mary Worth 2562

Holy camoly, Katie darling. If you're going to accuse Derek of wanting to smoke every time he sees someone taking a puff, maybe you ought to avoid taking walks through the designated smoking section.


fauxprof said...

Among the MANY and VARIED activities aboard a cruise ship are walking, sitting, and strenuous aerobics while singing 70s disco numbers. Oh, and smoking. And nagging about smoking. Yeah, that works, Katie, just keep it up. I hope we're setting up a mega meddle here, because if something doesn't occur soon, I'm going to get a latte, head to the nonsmoking side of the ship, and do a crossword puzzle.

KitKat said...

Forget Mary. Katie should connect with Iris, who can share how her program of micromanaging, enabling, and platitudes got Tommy on the straight and narrow. If those things and Bible reading could rescue Tommy from opioid addiction, why wouldn't they work for nicotine addiction? Katie already has the nagging/threatening part mastered.

Vince said...

Can it, Katie.

Anonymous said...

The plot sickens

Anonymous said...

"Ah, my dearest darling Katie, you're quite the harpy little bee-otch, aren't you?"

-- S. McW.

Anonymous said...

BTW, nice outfit, Katie. I'm fashion-apathetic, and even I can see that's awful. Sheesh.

-- S. McW.

meg said...

Katie's outfit is actually to pay homage to Funny Background People in Mary Worth 1362, the Gilbert and Sullivan inspired crew members who heroically abandoned the passengers on the Unita Del Mar. June Brigman, in turn, is showing her respect for the occasional lunacy shown in Joe Giella's illustrations. Respect, June!

Ian Cameron, PhD said...

I think Katie is actually upset at Derek casually checking out the sultry yellow-shirted male passenger.

Would make for a much more interesting subplot, anyway.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Mary's Helpful Hint #14:
If you see a charming stranger smoking on the deck,
Join him and ask him all about his life!
Light up and learn something really interesting!
Plus, it will really annoy your wife!

Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled "Someone Needs A Vacation".

Smoke! Get, remember quit!
Trying, you!

You know, I get that smoking is BAD, but holy crap! It's not like he's shooting heroin or popping Oxycontin or at the craps tables 24/7. Is this really such a big deal that it's a PLOT? And after a Vicodin addiction?

Regina the NY Diva said...

Boy oh boy, I can imagine how Katie would have gotten on my parents! They smoked like chimneys. (They're the reason I never took it up.) The only thing that would have made me laugh is when my father chucked Katie out a window after her harpy smoking lecture. (Yes, my father would have done it too!)