Friday, April 21, 2017

Mary Worth 2570

Later? If you don't hurry now, you won't have good seats for tonight's musical production of "Titanic!"

For those keeping score (and I am):

Enjoy: 13
Love: 10
Nice: 5

And if you're looking forward to the Titanic musical, here's a preview:


Peggy Olson said...

When my husband and I were on an Alaskan cruise -- excuse me -- When we cruised, there was NO way he would go to a formal dinner. Put on a suit and ruffled shirt? We were on vacation, not going to a wedding!

Hey, where's the food? We haven't seen any of the fabulous lamp chops, lobster, kelk squares or enjoyable buffet fare.

Regina the NY Diva said...

I saw the musical Titanic on Broadway with my ex husband in 1997. Seeing a boat sink was a lot more exciting than hearing the banal conversation from these four.

BTW, are there any other people on this cruise besides "our favorite cruisers", Mary and Toby?

KitKat said...

I'm hoping another cruiser approaches Toby and asks, "Are you and your grandmother enjoying yourselves?"

Nance said...

No way this strip Niced only 5 times. It seems like at least 20.

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled "Do I Sense An Enthusiasm Gap, Or Is Toby Just Judgy About Katie Showing So Much Skin So Early On The Cruise?".

Really fantastic!
Theater: good seats!
Later. Forward!
Then. Enjoy!

fauxprof said...

A nice business suit is all a gentleman needs for formal night on a cruise ship. The only time I ever saw realprof in a tux was at our wedding. (He looked great, by the way). He always said that if I wanted him in what he considered formal wear, it would be in his doctoral gown and hood, including mortarboard. I knew when to give in gracefully. As to the show, Wanders' video would be about as much content as you'd get on a cruise ship;

Anonymous said...

I'll give Moy credit for one thing. She has really perfected the art of continual, meaningless, boring small talk. Tomorrow they discuss the weather.

-- S. McW.

r u ok? said...

Derek: I would LOVE to ENJOY a NICE smoke with a GOOD cigarette right now!

Yahoonski said...

I am really enjoying this story. I find the dialogue enjoyable, but the scenery and the costumes are enjoyable, too. I also enjoy reading the comments. Enjoy rhymes with Moy. And Moy rhymes with cloy. If the norovirus vomiting commences halfway through tonight's show, that would be enjoyable, too.

meg said...

"We want to get good seats for the cruise ship show," said no one ever.

Tonight's show:
Bay City Rollers tribute band
Sophie Tucker impressionist
Poetry Reading by Gilbert Gottfried
Irish Step Dancing by the Panamanian waitstaff
Arguing on stage by drunk passengers
More arguing by sober passengers

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Mary’s Helpful Hint #22: (Yep, it’s been three weeks!) If you’re feeling bored and lonely, just look at panel one and pretend that Derek and Katie Hoser are your friends! Or, if you think that the Hoosiers are Hosers, then just tell them you’ll be along to the theater later and then, maybe you’ll see them then! ... NOT!