Sunday, June 25, 2017

Mary Worth 2624

"Attention passengers: Parents are reminded to never ever ever ever let go of their child's hand while onboard this vessel. That is all."


fauxprof said...

Looks like the near death experience has caused Esme to reform (sigh). But wait! Mary has never even met Esme. How will she take credit? What happens to the traditional victory lap? I sense a disturbance in the Force.

Anonymous said...

Well, Derek, see all the trouble you've caused? I hope you're happy.

Now they both hate him.

Still, I'm disappointed in this much-too-quick let-bygones-be-bygones d├ętente. I feel that some real searing drama opportunities have been missed.

-- Scottie McW.

Anonymous said...

Once she catches her breath, Esme could STILL decide to toss Katie over the side. Try #2. After all, who would know? There is STILL no one else around.

tkraft said...

Kudos to Karen and June! 'Purchase a Print' shows that they have returned God to the Sunday funnies. Praise and Amen.

Sandi Ego said...

Why does Katie burst into tears when Esme bestows ownership of Derek to her? Tears of joy, relief, or despair?
Props to Esme for managing to keep her pumps on throughout the ordeal - that's why she's the star.
That ship is terrifying. The ocean must be littered with debris left in its wake - towels, cups, hapless tots.

Anonymous said...

"Why does Katie burst into tears when Esme bestows ownership of Derek to her? Tears of joy, relief, or despair?"

That panel is Katie's turn to respond with her own "Nooooooo!"

Ian Cameron, PhD said...

Hmpf. I suppose next Esme is going to tearfully confess she locked Katie in a porta potty and somehow all will be forgiven.

The only thing that could save this plot is if Katie carries Esme back to cabin 1122, and surprises Derek lying in wait with nothing but a lit cigarette.

meg said...

Meanwhile, on the other side of the ship, a suicidal Derek is being pulled back onto the balcony by a nightgown-clad Mary. He lies gasping on the deck while she spouts platitudes, aphorisms, cliches, chestnuts, and insipid hokum. SPLASH!

KitKat said...

In addition to keeping her pumps on, Esme's eye makeup is intact.

That railing didn't look as dangerous a few days ago. Today, even Wilbur Weston could slide right through.

I'm disappointed in Esme's evil capacity - rats! She can only redeem herself by tripping Katie and sending her into the drink [grumble].

Anonymous said...

Sunday's panel where Katie is hauling Esme up over the edge -- if you hadn't been following the story lately you could believe that Katie was retrieving a mermaid from the storm. Esme with long flowing hair, a legless lower body, and you can even see her neck gills too.

Anonymous said...

And what is that "Derek is yours!" comment? It's like the two of them have been arm-wrestling over Derek out by the rail, and by golly Katie won. Maybe Esme should have gone for "Best 2 out of 3?"

meg said...

Derek Hoosier, first time cruiser,
Sailed on Sunday,
Strolled on Monday,
Dined on Tuesday,
Flirted on Wednesday,
Smoked on Thursday,
Cheated on Friday,
Repented on Saturday,
Realized he was a loser,
And that was the end of Derek Hoosier.

(With deepest apologies to Solomon Grundy)

Gina said...

Nice work, meg!

Garnet said...

As this point, Derek might not want either one of them. Katie seems like a nagging, insecure shrew and Esme is an immature floozy who picks fights with other women and falls over cruise ship railings.

Chester the Dog said...

3E could use a smoke about now.

Anonymous said...

Haha, meg, good work!