Thursday, June 29, 2017

Mary Worth 2628

"The other thing I have in common with Esme is we both know all the words to all the songs in all the Bing Crosby "Road" movies. So we have two whole things in common. Katie and I have built our entire world around each other, but if I can't be free to smoke and sing show tunes, well, I'm just gonna die. Oh, Mary, what ever shall I do?"


Anonymous said...

Oh Jeez, if he's going to tell the whole story this slowly, and if we occasionally cut out to see what Katie, Toby, and Esme are up to, this little therapy session won't wrap up until the middle of August.

-- Scottie McW.

Dave in Parma said...

Mary looks giddy with excitement at the opportunity to meddle and catch fresh dirt.... or her face is slowly melting.

Meanwhile, Toby shops alone in the straw market."I usually tour with an older meddlesome woman, but I don't know where she could be," she tells an indigenous person.

Shmoopie said...

Yes, Scottie, this story will wrap up in August. August 2018.

Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled "It's All There In Line Three, Derek".

Couldn't smoking...hates!
Go on...
Smoking Esme.

Anonymous said...

I hope Mary tells Derek to make a list of Esme pros and cons.

-- S. McW.

Chin Napkin Groupie said...

Who can resist someone who shares one's filthy habits?

Delilah said...

You can almost see Mary’s ears prick up - like those of a horse when he sees a carrot - as she nonchalantly asks, “Esme?” Zooming in for the kill.

Sandi Ego said...

It was a fierce storm during the Katie/Esme drama. The weather has had time to clear up (I'm sure it took more than 10 minutes) and still Derek hasn't been informed about the Deck Incident? That would be a pretty big deal for Captain Stubing, I'm sure there would be an investigation and interviews. Maybe this near tragedy will result in a retrofit that includes cruise ship-worthy railings. And a review of the shipboard entertainer code of ethics.
I wanna see Disco Night.

fauxprof said...

Mary the Wisewoman: Esme? Tell me more of this Esme. You must unburden yourself of all your secrets, oh Supplicant. Else how can I work my great meddle-magic?

Wanders said...

Yes, Mary, you remember Esme. You didn't miss the Broadway quality entertainment, did you?

tkraft said...

Mary: Derek, is something bothering you?
Derek: Yes, Mary, I have a question.
Mary: Go ahead, Derek, esk me.
Derek: I know, it's about Esme.
Mary: Yes...what do you want to know...esk me.
Derek: Esme, the singer.
Mary: Sure, esk me.
(Apologies to Abbott and Costello)

Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

Dang Wanders, you beat me to it...was thinking the exact same thing. I thought that I remembered Toby and Mary telling Derek and Katie they were going to the same show.