Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Mary Worth 2644

I take it back! "Enjoy" makes a last minute surge toward the finish line. We are almost finished, aren't we?

Good: 21
Enjoy: 20
Love: 18
Nice: 7


fauxprof said...

We also bid farewell to Evil Entertainer Esme, wailing a torch song. I'm not sure if it's Judy Garland's The Man Who Got Away, because that song's lyric refers to the singer as "a one-man woman". Not descriptive of Triple E at all. She will probably be trolling for her next victim as soon as the new passengers board.

Anonymous said...

We have the full moon shining brightly in the first panel and a similarly sized and positioned spotlight shining brightly in the second panel. Coincidence? I think not.

Is the light of atonement and redemption shining down on these deeply flawed people? You be the judge.

-- Scottie McW.

Wanders said...

@fauxprof Judy Garland sang The Man Who Got Away, which does not include the lyric Esme is singing. Esme is singing The One Who Got Away by Katy Perry. See my free secret message and take a listen on the jukebox.

Toots McGee said...

EE is singing a Katy Perry song? ASCAP lawyers will descend upon the cruise ship Improbable when it gets back to Port Canaveral.

Chester the Dog said...

At least 3E took a few minutes to brush the seaweed and gull droppings out of ther hair.

LouiseF said...

Hmmm...Will K Moy start a new plot in the middle of the week? Unlikely. Moony dreaming by Katie and Derek to continue for the rest of the week. More Esme singing unrepentently...Maybe they will have a last minute cruise stop at a zoo or raffia sandal-filled souvenir mart to wrap it all up by the weekend. I can hardly wait.

Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

Geez, I was hoping that she'd be singing "I'll Be Seeing You", which Liberace use to sing.

And note to June and KM: We get it, Katie and Derek are back together and more in love than ever. Like Katie said "Nothing to see here".

KitKat said...

@Regina Wolfe-Parks, yes! "I'll be looking at the moon, but I'll be seeing you...." This ship needs a Liberace!

All that's missing is a cigarette in Esme's hand.

I predict we'll be stuck with the Hoosiers making goo-goo eyes at each other the rest of the week while Mary and Toby reiterate how much they liked the enjoyable cruise.

Anonymous said...

There is still time for the ship to crash into the port, and for Wilbur to rush to the scene (from whatever continent he is on)to interview the survivors.

Anonymous said...

The cruise that would never end! Moy has dragged this inanity on since March 27! I guess I should be glad she's sped things up from her predecessor's 18-month timeframe. "Things just move so fast these days!" Stumbled across this Pittsburgh Post-Gazette interview wtih the wordsmith herself: http://bit.ly/2uzNPRi

leang heng said...

I was hoping that she'd be singing "I'll Be Seeing You", which Liberace use to sing.