Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Mary Worth 2708

Fabiana will fill your life with Fabulousness

I'm not surprised that we've dragged out the assumption that Fabiana is a romantic interest for another day. Won't we feel foolish next week when we find out Fabiana is Bogota's most famous tortilla maker. 


Anonymous said...

Fabiana? Fabuloso!

-- Scottie McW.

Chrissy said...

I love how June has perfectly captured Iris' reaction in panel 2. Her curled lip and obvious disgust are pretty much what the rest of us are feeling!

Dave in Parma said...

Google 'Fabiana' and the first result that comes up is the Urban Dictionary definition. It's so Wilbur.

I'm wondering how long Iris can keep up the charade of anger to mask the true joy she's feeling right now.

Gina said...

If Wilbur is choosing this way of announcing he's adopting an orphan or a puppy or a new sandwich chef, he's a jerk.

If he really is using Skype to drop the bombshell that he's been seeing another woman, he's a jerk.

Basically, Wilbur is just a jerk.

KitKat said...

@Gina at 2:03 p.m. is correct - Wilbur IS a jerk.

"Fabiana" means "bean grower," so maybe Wilbur is trying to tell Iris he's now a vegetarian.

Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled "Apparently, Iris Sees Her Fling With Zack As 'Way Different' And Has Probably Spared Wilbur Those Details Already."

Different! Plan! Sorry!
Me! Fabiana...
Please! Details!

tkraft said...

Wilbur met Dr. Fabiana in a local clinic where he was treated for a severe allergic reaction to bad pastrami. The romance has hotly flared, but recently Gérad, an employee of the clinica has overheard a teléfono conversation and is about to inform Wilbur that Srta. Fabiana is actually Srt. Fabiana. An unfortunate typographic error which will keep us all in stitches for the next 8 weeks. ¡Qué bueno, qué bueno!

Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

@ Dave in Parma: I looked up the Urban Dictionary definitions and I'll go with # 3 for Wilbur: "A Brazilian mermaid and a supermodel who owns a few Brazilian unicorns." In other words, Wilbur is making this up to make Iris jealous.

What's fascinating to me is that Wilbur has this much swag to have not one, but maybe two (assuming that Fabiana isn't a figment of Wilbur's imagination) lusting after him. Short, fat, balding, wears eyeglasses and writes an advise column that he frequently hands off to a meddlesome old biddy, he looks like he'd live with his mother or be the local flasher; yet he's got women fighting over him. Comon Wilbur, the men of America want to know: What's your secret????

(Wanders, no offense about the balding and eyeglasses...you are funny and talented and are not writing an advice column for the Pennysaver under a female alias; you have a nice grounded family and a daughter who doesn't fall in love every day with someone who buys her a dinner at sketchily named restaurants-the exact opposite of Wilbur!)

Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

I meant *advice". A ruler to the hand by one of my old Catholic School nuns for that error!

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that due to popular demand, Moy has decided to bring back Esme? Maybe hurricaneIrma blew her down to Bogota and she's now singing at sleezy clubs under her new name: Fabiana.

Anonymous said...

On a serious note, there are some days when you just wonder why on earth you bother to get out of bed. But then you get up, you make the coffee, you sit down in front of the computer and bring up Mary Worth and Me... And you discover that Moy has named Wilbur's new love interest Fabiana... and you laugh until your sides hurt and you thank God for Wanders and this blog.

S. Rosenberg said...

Gotta admit, that Wilbur is one sly fox! A smooth operator!

In the words of Hobbes, "Moochas smooches por el ConKISStador!"

Anonymous said...

Oh... and Regina Wolfe-Parks - apparently you don't know this... poor you... but there is nothing... NOTHING... sexier than an intelligent man with a good sense of humor. Lucky Mrs. Wanders....

Trilkhai said...

I think that when Iris confronted Wilbur, he promptly forgot what he'd decided to call his imaginary sandwich queen; when looking around the room frantically for another plausible name, his eyes fell on his old Harlequin romance novels and he blurted out: "her name's Fabi…ana. Wonderful woman. So how's things going with that college kid you were going out with?"

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