Sunday, November 12, 2017

Mary Worth 2740

When Iris was first dating Zak, wasn't he like 22? It really does appear that our theory is correct: The reason he has accomplished so much so quickly is that he is living in a different time-space continuum than Iris. I've said it before (Sunday recaps), Zak will be Iris's age in time for the wedding. He's flying through time at rocket speed, and she's crawling through time like a snail on a fence. It's been years since I pulled out the ol' Dharma Initiative tag, but I think is appropriate.


KitKat said...

That quotation didn't sound like Satchel Paige to me, so I checked. Quote Investigator posh-poohs that attribution:

If Iris keeps her hand on the shifter like that, she and Zak may do a full-on Aldo Kelrast. I look forward to it!

Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

Thanks KitKat. Typical of Moy's laziness.

For now, I'm going to hit the snooze button until something actually happens in this strip. Wake me in a few months. (Or years.)

Dave in Parma said...

With the 'whoosh' lines trailing the car, another Satchel Paige quite might be more fitting: "Don't look back; you don't know what might be gaining on you."

(Spoiler alert: it's Wilbur and Fabiana, just back from Bogota, cruising in his new Lamborghini, bought with his windfall following his invention of Wilbik's Cube).

Anonymous said...

Regardless of who's quote that actually is, it's pretty iffy advice.

If you work like you don't need the money, you might be less likely to care as much or work as hard.

If you love like you've never been hurt, you might be less sensitive to the feelings of others.

If you dance like no one is watching, people might think you're an immature attention-seeking jerk making a fool of him/herself.

If you spend this much effort picking apart Mary Worth inspirational sayings, you definitely need a better use of your time. Ah well.

-- Scottie McW.

Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled "Zak's Car Is Way More Expensive Than Iris's Yugo Heart; Also, I Wish They'd Downshift On All These Exclamation Marks".

Many talents!
Work progress!
Pleasure! Enjoyed!
So did I!
Excited happening...again!

Anonymous said...

I think Moy has given us an early Christmas present. I think the color of the sky indicates that this just might be the following morning and Moy is allowing us to ponder that possibility.

fauxprof said...

“Thanks for dinner” OK, They’re both mature adults (in Iris’ case, quite mature), but that opening statement has a decidedly family-unfriendly ring to it, like coffee is a euphemism for something else? I am shocked, shocked! And in order to get that last comment, Zak would have to finally watch Casablanca.

meg said...

Iris arrives home to find Tommy sobbing hysterically into his Splakflakes. “MAAAAA! Where were you all night? I was sooo worried! I called the police, I Skyped Wilbur, I even called...”

Iris: “!!!....NO, you didn’t call....”
“ Yes, Ma. I did. I called ...Mary Worth.”
Iris: “AIEEEEE!!”

“She’ll be right over.”

Johnny Culver said...

@Meg: “ Yes, Ma. I did. I called ...Mary Worth.”

Run everyone, run!

Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

Monday: Fabiana's moving in for the kill. She's looking at the most expensive engagement ring Bogata has to offer.