Thursday, February 8, 2018

Mary Worth 2811

Boy, I wish someone like Ted had taken me aside and told me about the perils of fame before I started this blog. Fame is arguably the biggest burden of blogging about Mary Worth as you can imagine. People interrupting my dinner at restaurants to tell me how awesome I am, flirty emails from readers, constant telephone calls from the media... The real danger is that I let it go to my head. Fortunately, I'm so humble that I can handle it.


Anonymous said...

Fame? Aren't we getting a little ahead of ourselves, Ted? Why don't you sell a muffin or two million before we start worrying about fame.

Besides, I don't remember Mrs. Weiss or Orville Redenbacher constantly fighting off the paparazzi.

-- Scottie McW.

fauxprof said...

Fame from Muffins! Maybe she should try something a little less common. Like Sauerkaut balls. Don’t laugh, they’re a real thing, they’re absolutely delicious, and hardly anyone outside of Akron, Ohio has ever heard of them.

KitKat said...

When I read MW early this morning, I thought Mary said "it won't matter if the public is pickle," which made me wonder if she was proposing pickles rather than muffins.

So in addition to being a former salesman, Ted is a psychologist. Interesting how he and Mary are skipping over the pesky little details about a business plan, financing, etc. Instead, let's move on to "fame is not for everyone."

Fauxprof, not only have I heard of sauerkraut balls, I believe I ate some decades ago. I'm recollecting that it was at a wedding reception. Tres moderne!

Yahoonski said...

Wanders: Don't worry about too much adulation coming your way, at least not forever. As you know, the public is pickle. I mean fickle.

Regina: I'm currently jittery in Kittery. My feeling is that winters in Maine (or NH, where I've lived most of my life) are worth it because they make spring seem extra sweet!

Chester the Dog said...

If Mary opens her windows, her potted plants will fall off the ledge.

Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled

"In Which Mary Sounds Kinda Like An Elitist Jerk With A Pompous Attitude, And About Muffins, For Heaven's Sake".

Seek, afraid!
Not. Don't!
Handle. Know great. Fickle.

Nance said...

@fauxprof--Clevelander here (West-sider), and sauerkraut balls are all over the place around here! Come on! We can get them at little fairs and festivals, and if we're lucky, we can find them at wedding/baby showers. Personally, I love them with martinis.

LouiseF said...

IF the public is fickle?! Of course the public is fickle. That's why we have marketing geniuses like Ted Miller. Mary really is ripe for the pickins' if she thinks once the public gets a taste of her muffins they won't ever stray to another brankd.

Gina said...

Forget muffins, never mind sauerkraut balls. This is Mary Worth, remember? Salmon squares are where it's at!

Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

@ Yahoonski: My husband was a Navy brat and his family lived in Eliot (right next to Kittery). His father was a submarine instructor at Portsmouth. Maine isn't bad. I too like the fall and the Spring only because there are no bugs to feast on me. (The bugs here consider New Yorkers a delicacy LOL).

Anyway, back to Mary.

"Fame isn't something I actively seek". That's all this meddling narcissistic broad seeks. She's always congratulating herself when she's meddling. Look up narcissist in the dictionary and you'll see Mary's picture.