Sunday, February 25, 2018

Mary Worth 2825

For those of you who think nothing ever happens in the Sunday strip, hold on to your skullcap because your mind is about to explode.

First, Karen Moy googled "Self-Defense Quotes" to great results.

Of course, Connor McGregor is a mixed martial arts champion (the term "art" being applied very liberally here). And as we're about to see, even gray-haired old ladies can learn a thing or two from watching Fight Network, for those times when they have to fight off hormone-infused turtleneck wearing septuagenarians.

Oh no! What a horrible position to be in! Especially with her rheumatoid arthritis. But wait!

After a well-earned slap, Ted Miller finds himself fighting against Mary's powerful mind control as she telekinetically pushes Ted to the floor.

Where he lands...

...With a muffin on the top of his head!

Ha ha ha ha ha! Sexual assualt is so funny!


Yahoonski said...

"Don't you ever try that again!" Does this mean they'll still be having muffin meetings after a cooling-off period?

fauxprof said...

Panel of the year. Maybe of the decade. Ted with a muffin balanced on his head is almost as memorable as “reminds me of Dave”.

I take it the gig at Aileen’s is off?

TimP said...

Nevermind all of that. Can we come to some kind of consensus on Mary's lamp? On the one hand, I don't think I've ever seen that ratio of lamp diameter to shade diameter before. There's maybe, what, a two inch gap there? On the other, it's kind of almost a bold design statement, albeit one made in cream and pastel pink.

KitKat said...

So is Karen Moy implying that women should simply physically attack harassers/assailants? Imagine what Mary would have done with Harvey Weinstein.

Looks like Mary Muffins won’t see the light of day, but perhaps Mary can open a chain of self-defense studios.

Although her skills are impressive for someone who’s on the far side of 100 years old, Mary will never top Emma Peel.

Anonymous said...

Ted dusts the crumbs off his turtleneck, removes the muffin from his head, and takes a big bite. "Damn, these are good," he marvels. "We're still on for Aileen's, right?"


"OOF!" "UGH!" The muffin landing perfectly on top of Ted's head. You have to give Brigman credit for not taking herself too seriously with this Batman/Three Stooges cartoony vibe and poking a little fun at herself and the entire strip in general.

Yes, the fact that Mary said "again" is disconcerting, as if they will be seeing each other again, presumably without a police presence.

At any rate, I echo my impressed commenting colleagues in that this at the very least looks like the Sunday Strip of the Year/Decade/Ever!

-- Scottie McW.

Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

I concur with the last panel being the strip of the millennium. I imagined Ted leaving, muffin still on his head. In the hallway he runs into Wilbur who asks “You gonna eat that?”

Like you Scottie McW, I was confused with Mary’s juxtaposition. If it was me I wouldn’t be saying “don’t you ever try that again.” It would be more like “I’m calling the cops”.

Anonymous said...

I think I saw something similar in the 60's - except it was Batman beating up a villain of some sort. OOF! UGH!

Downpuppy said...

I hear "again" as a more general threat, to wit, if Ted attacks any woman, anywhere, ever, Mary will hunt him down & destroy him.

And I believe her.

Anonymous said...

This is some amazing work in today's strip, but yet the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette chose to stop running as of MW today! I can't even. They had a survey and "the legacy strips didn't perform well so they will no longer continue." Gah!

Is it embarrassing to say MW was always the very first thing I looked at in my morning paper?!?

Michael Beaumier said...

Dear God, this strip just really knows how to satisfy, doesn’t it? First Wilbur’s delicious humiliation, now this…