Friday, October 26, 2018

Mary Worth 2996

Saul married the girl that his parents picked out for him, and now he's going to adopt the dog that Mary picked out for him. But doesn't Greta have a say in this? She's a dog, not a wife.


Anonymous said...

So I guess the moral of this story is that if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with?

mr_darcy said...

I hope they still go to the tire shop after this. I want Saul to tell Mary she needs the most expensive tires on the market.

meg said...

No tire shop visit. “Oh, Saul, you big silly! I don’t need tires. The ones my late husband Jack put on the Oldsmobuick are just fine. I just wanted to trick you into visiting the Animal Shelter so you could get a new dog and STOP WHINING ABOUT THAT VICIOUS LITTLE YAPPER you used to have. Don’t worry, I forgive you.”

Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled

"No, We're Just Here To Cheer Them Up".

Look at that! Likes!
Good hands.
Comfortable! Adoption, interested.

TimP said...

Props to the shelter worker: Always Be Closing!

KitKat said...

When I read “Good hands” in Nance’s Boldface Haiku, I immediately thought of Allstate Insurance. Mary probably considers herself the Mother Superior of the Good Hands People. “Aren’t I wonderful?! [smirk smirk].”

What about those other dogs in small, uncomfortable cages?

I hope they do stop for tires, and the store manager tells Saul, “ Hey Mack, you can’t bring that mutt in here!” Mary will brightly chirp, “Saul, you and Greta can walk back to Charterstone. After I leave here, my victory lap starts at Marcy’s, where I plan to shop till I drop.”

Chester the Dog said...

"Mary Worth; driving people crazy, er, to animal shelters since 1929."

Anonymous said...


Your haiku title today is superb!

"Nice to meet you Greta, but we gotta run."

-- Scottie McW.

Dave in Parma said...

I'm more fascinated with the first panel today. Is that a question mark shaped crack in the wall over the dog's head, or a thought bubble as he looks at Saul?

Next is the "Look at that-she likes you!" comment from the volunteer.
--is the volunteer referring to Mary or the dog?
--is she incredulous that someone likes this curmudgeon?
--is that her stock line anytime she has a dog she's trying to move?

Dave in Parma said...

Actually I can see Saul steering Mary to the cheaper tires, not the more expensive ones: "You're not going to be around for 60K miles-- who are you kidding?!"

Vince said...

KitKat, I was wondering the same thing. What about the poor little dog watching the whole scene from the neighboring cage? Is he or she just window dressing?

Anonymoose said...

Dave in Parma said...
Actually I can see Saul steering Mary to the cheaper tires, not the more expensive ones: "You're not going to be around for 60K miles-- who are you kidding?!"

Oh, Dave, if only that were true. Strips like Apt. 3G and Brenda Starr are long gone, but Mary Worth keeps going and going and going...

Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

LOL everyone...great comments.

Poor Greta. Wait until she gets to Charterstone and Mary starts feeding her Salmon Surprise. She'll wish that she was back at the shelter.

I am amazed that a dog that has supposedly been traumatized for a year suddenly perks up when old man Wynter comes along. No need for a dog whisperer or training, just as happy as can be. Only in Worthverse.

Also. when I adopted my last cat, they asked for references and who was my vet to make sure I wasn't taking her home to feed her salmon treats. In this place, it seems like, "Take her, she's yours. Here's a bow tie."

I just want to slap the smug off Mary's face.

lmjb1964 said...

When I posted my comment in the middle of the night last night, I didn't realize I was looking at Friday's strip. I'll transfer part of my comments here, where they'll make more sense:

I just noticed that it looks like there's a question mark over Greta's head, making it look like she's questioning what's happening. Perhaps she's wondering, "Old man, do you really want another dog, or are you just making an emotional decision you'll regret later?" Or perhaps she's thinking, "How did that meddling biddy get yet another sucker to fall under her spell?" More likely, though, she's thinking, "How did a nice dog like me end up in a crazy strip like this?"

Gotta say, though, the frame with Greta putting her paws on the old man's chest is pretty cute.

Although, I just noticed there are two dogs crammed into that tiny cage next to them. Is this a puppy mill?

Carlye said...

I'm waiting until Mary says, "Greta is too large according to the Charterstone CCRs. Put her down and pick another dog."

Anonymous said...


I just saw your comment from last night. That's really nice of you to say. Thank you.

-- S. McW.