Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Mary Worth 3059

That's funny, Mary... I've been reading their minds for weeks. It's almost been too easy.


Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

Oh no, here we go with another week of Toby saying that she doesn't want to look weak by asking Ian what's going on. If I was anything like Toby, I'd punch myself for being such an idiot.

Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled

"We Stuff A Comfy Old Sock In It And We're Good".

Long. Implicit... feelings,
Said done.

fauxprof said...

Jannie was just a plot device to get to the real meat of Moy’s message: Communication. Or, to put a finer point on it, Marital Communication. Get comfortable, friends, this is going to take quite a while. While we’re waiting, we can peruse KM’s favorite research materials—a pile of “Ladies’ Home Journal’ magazines from the 50s and 60s.

LouiseF said...

fauxprof! So perfect... I can see that pile of magazines with the "Can This Marriage Be Saved?" columns clipped out and filed for easy reference.

Anonymous said...

And we're back to this, prompting the question, "Why?"

Sadly, we already know the answer: So Moy can keep padding a two-week story line into a two-month story line, and keep cashing those checks for minimal effort. Must be nice.


-- Scottie McW.

KitKat said...

Another rimshot for Nance for today's BFH title!

It's easy for Toby and Chinbeard to have "an almost implicit understanding of each other." They're both so shallow, there's very little there there.

Chin Napkin Groupie said...

What, Moy gets paid for this?

Nance said...

@KitKat--Thanks for your kind words, both yesterday and today. And to @MissScarlet, too.

I fear we'll lose Wanders for a while as Mary and Toby power walk through this, ad nauseum, and June recycles a few panel drawings. Honestly, what can possibly be the Climax of this dreck?

Pat P. said...

A person who uses snooty intellectual words like "implicit" should know that the correct phrase is "More easily said than done."

Chester the Dog said...

Toby is so annoying, and boring. The most important thing she has ever done in the past ten years is upgrade her security software.

Anonymous said...

I love the Boldface Haikus but am curious that, because nobody that speaks English actually talks like that this, that the boldfaces are so random and inappropriate -

a) the boldface words are really a coded message intended to avoid NSA/CIA/FBI surveillance. Are they really an anagram?

b) that Mary Worth is written in another language and translated into English or

c) the typesetter is broken at North American Syndicate Inc

(Submitted as Anonymous in case (a) is correct)

Enlong said...

Toby, did you have this exact issue when you didn't want to tell Ian you got phished? You had a nightmare about him leaving you because you prioritized seeming confident over being honest with him? You told yourself you'd be honest with him in the future? Happened 11 years ago, so at most a few months in-universe? Ring any bells, Toby?

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