Thursday, May 30, 2019

Mary Worth 3132

Is Estelle checking out profiles on already? Good for her. Get back up on the horse.

I tried to visit, and my security software blocked the site due to "Phishing Scam." I guess the word has gotten out.


fauxprof said...

Ya think, Estelle? That $10,000 is long gone. What Arthu(e)r didn’t blow on his hotel room and room service went for beer and nachos at the local QuickieMart.

Incidentally, I realized that I’ve been assuming that Arthu(e)r lives in one of the less salubrious suburbs of Santa Royale. Come to think about it, since the whole scam was internet-based, he could live anywhere. I’m sure that you could find the twin of his ménage at multiple sites here in NE Ohio.

Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled

"Estelle Reads Her Daily Affirmation Aloud, Just Like Terry Bryson Told Her To In Her Email".

Recoup money.
Lucky worse.
Life savings!

KitKat said...

If the produce in that bowl are real, Food Team must be sourcing it from a nuclear power plant.

I wish June had inserted a thought rectangle for Libby: “Yada yada, whatever. Just hurry up and feed me.”

Anonymous said...

Terry visits Estelle to report on the progress of her investigation. Let's listen in:

"Come in, Terry! So nice to see you again. What have you learned?"

"Good news. As you know, the NSA records all phone calls made in the United States . . . "

"Uh, they do? Um . . . "

"So I got a hold of one of my contacts in the intel community, and he's going to track down all your calls with Arther."

"Um . . . even . . . uh, conversations of an intimate nature?"

"You mean phone sex? Yes, especially phone sex."

"Uhhh . . . oh dear . . . er, heh heh, this has all been kind of a funny lark, hasn't it? Arther just played a practical joke on me. Ha ha ha, he got me good! And it was only [gulp] ten thousand. So hey, whattaya say we have a good laugh and forget the whole thing. No need to make a big deal out of it."

"Jeez, Estelle, just how raunchy did you two get?"


-- Scottie McW.

doug said...

Maybe Estelle's looking for a chump to play now that she's familiar with the game.

Chester the Dog said...

Does Libby have a life other than hanging around Estelle? Napping, chasing mice, anything?

LouiseF said...

So, KM, we GET IT already! This entire week could have been summarized on a shampoo bottle. Lather, mope, repeat. Let's move on. This poor woman (and us readers) need to be left to our misery.

Tim said...

It's time for a resolution or an unearned Mary Worth victory lap and a pool party.

TimP said...

I really like Estelle's factory second coffee mug where the top line is offset such that the heart is directly over the C in cat.

Tim said...

I have a bit of an issue with that. I don't believe an early 60s widow would be into cute coffee mugs like that. Me, I'm a 60s widower. I love coffee. And I like good mugs-those double walled glass ones and pottery. I don't think well off widow Estelle is buying tacky crap.

MissScarlet said...

Oh, Tim! Surely you know that she got that mug from Mary. She HAS to use it, of course.

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing Artie didn't suggest matching tattoos or she would have done that too.

-- S. McW.