Thursday, July 11, 2019

Mary Worth 3156
“Je parle anglais, Dawn, je vais donc traduire tout ce que je dis pour vous.  I speak English, Dawn, so I will translate everything I say for you. “


KitKat said...

Hugo’s first mistake is thinking Dawn speaks English.

Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

"No I stayt another month to help my host family. My host name is Arthur and he has a très triste chien. Je l'aide à nettoyer sa caravane. He has a very sad dog and I help him clean his trailer."

Oh brother, are we going to get three months of young Charles Boyer translating from French to English? Is KM taking French lessons and trying them out on us? Sr. Margaret Therese would have had this guy in detention for hours if he did this to her.

I'm waiting for him to say "Ah, ma belle Dawn, come with me to ze Casbah."

Michael Beaumier said...

I understand this storyline completely, insofar as Hugo refuses to make eye contact with Dawn.

Nance said...

Le Boldface Haiku du Jour est

"Dawn's Comprehension Of Helping Out Family Is Also Nonexistent".

Sorry...French nonexistent!
Soucis! No worries!
Anglais. English!
Summer classes?
No, help host family!

Nance said...

You know, I can't help thinking that KM has found a rather ingenious way of dragging out a "storyline." In addition to endless recapping and boring pointless conversations full of platitudes and zero content, she now can have an ESL speaker say things twice.

Oh joy.

Downpuppy said...

I am Hugo Jojo
Je m'appelle Mojo Hugo
Come home with me & I will show you my volcano.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Hugo will take Dawn to dinner at L'Escargot Mesonger and they'll run into his hosts, Dr. Ned Fletcher and his wife.

-- Scottie McW,

meg said...

Dondi: My American family kind. They teach me to talk good English.

mr_darcy said...

"It was always my dream to leave ze Sorbonne and spend a year at ze Community College de Santa Royale. "

So Dawn took a Chinbeard class after Beautiful Italy? I wonder if she saw Smoking Girl flirt with Chinbeard and realized how she looked with Harlan Jones?