Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Mary Worth 3151

Oh no you din't! BURN!


MDMaryTed said...

Ah ha! The new story line! Dawn is spontaneous and Mary says she takes after her father. So, is Mary hinting that Wilbur is not her father? That's the story line I want. Please????

Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

LOL Wanders, I thought the exact same thing. I can hear Mary in my head saying it sarcastically to Dawn.

I am wondering about Mary and these roses. If she lives in a condo complex, why is she tending to THEIR roses? Isn't that Mr. Allora's job? Someone needs to file a complaint.

fauxprof said...

So, Dawn is planning a “spontaneous” Summer. Although she’s been in college for about twenty years, she’d probably still claim to be a teenager, and should not have been left unsupervised. I wonder what she’ll do to provide the next ponderous PSA storyline?

KitKat said...

I also figured Mary is being sarcastic here. “You’re swanning around with NOTHING to do, and I’m stuck with your irresponsible father’s stupid column! And these dumb roses...!”

Anonymous said...

So what's Dawn doing for money this summer? Maxing out Wilbur's already heavily laden credit card?

What's she going to do, hang out with Toby and drink all day?

Where's this going?

The excitement is killing me.

-- Scottie McW.

Vince said...

Fasten your seat belt, Scottie.

r u ok? said...

Maybe Dawn will be dating Estelle until Wilbur returns.

Chester the Dog said...

If Dawn wrote Ask Wendy:

"Dear Wendy, I am in love with a handsome smart man, but he ignores me. What should I do? signed Invisible."

"Dear Invisible, Reminds me of Dave."

Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled

"Harland Is Financing Dawn's Staycation".

Nice no plans wing it!
Enjoying! Me! Spontaneous!

Yahoonski said...


"Stop by anytime. It's not like Jeff and I will be doing anything that calls for privacy."

KitKat said...

Dawn’s usual meal is Doritos and Mountain Dew, so Splak croquettes and stale muffins will be an upgrade. Maybe.

Happy Independence Day, Wanders and everyone!