Saturday, September 28, 2019

Mary Worth 3200

“You’ll get other chances, Mary. Dad’s super lazy and enjoys getting paid for your work.”


KitKat said...

Pushy, territorial Mary has even changed the name of the column from “Ask Wendy” to “Dear Wendy.” When Wilbur returns, he’d better watch his back. Lucrezia Borgia Worth will be cooking up all kinds of “special dishes” for him. Wilbur being Wilbur, he’ll scarf them right down.

Anonymous said...

Are we hearing the first rumblings of a coup d'état?

As KitKat has so astutely observed, Mary has already changed the name of the column.

Will Mary be a whistle-blower and rat out Willie?

Will she show his syndicate a side-by-side comparison of his work and hers?

Will she provide data showing that she has produced 78% more platitudes?

Will she point out that her advice is so bland and useless that their risk of being sued for it is virtually nonexistent?

Now THAT would be a great story arc.

-- Scottie McW.

LouiseF said...

Another lame attempt to drum up suspense by the suspense-challenged Mary Worth. Sounds to me as if she's had one too many Long Island Ice Teas..

Sandi Ego said...

Well, I'll have what Mary's having because her skin looks amazing. Gin & Juvederm?