Monday, October 7, 2019

Mary Worth 3206

"Meow?" That's a great question, Libby. I was just asking myself the same thing. How can I possibly stand to continue reading yet another story about doomed Weston love? It is so painfully difficult to write this blog. It doesn't make me more than a few dollars a month, so I'm not in it for the money (but thanks to those who make donations despite the tedium). Joe Giella is gone, so I'm not in it for the awesome art. I've been doing this since 2007. A dozen years. And yet, I feel like I'm wasting my life. I don't know what pagan god they worship in the Worthiverse, but please, whoever you are, make it stop. Just make it stop!

Meow, indeed.


LouiseF said...

Most cats I have known don't ask a question with their "meows". More of a statement or a command. Meow! as in "Meow! I might be blind in one eye, but that guy sure is tone deaf!" "Meow! Did you know he filled my water dish with a wine cooler, and I HATE strawberry?!" "Meow! If he wants to see boxing, let him change my cat litter."

Anonymous said...

I guess Wilbur lives just down the hall from Estelle, so arriving over in his house slippers would be ok. He got the wine coolers from the snack machine next to the ice machine on his way over.

Fraser said...

It amazes me that a night of wine coolers and boxing documentaries was not enough to make Estelle fall madly in love.

Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled

"The Existential Dialogue Of Nance And Her Pets Whilst Composing Boldface Haiku Titles".

Don't know,
I don't know.

Anonymous said...


"What's that, Libby? Are you asking that after ignoring me for months, Wilbur sauntered over here looking like a slob, grabbed the remote and made me watch boxing, got half-drunk, and fell asleep on the couch, so why am I seeing him? That's an excellent question, Libby. Why AM I seeing him? At least the geezer on my first SilverDaters date was nice to me and treated me with respect. I wonder if he's still looking."

-- Scottie McW.

P.S. This is not the time to go wobbly, Wanders. Your faithful devotees need you, now more than ever. Always remember, you are doing The Lord's work -- or at least a saint's work.

Unknown said...

I have been reading Mary Worth for many years. Enjoy it even though it is a bit dramatic at times .

Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

My cats never give me a "Meow?" They have that demanding "feed me or else" meow. Maybe KM has a strange cat like Libby, who unlike other cats, cares about what their owner is thinking.

Now I know why Iris dumped Wilbur for Zak. I'm sure Wilbur did the same thing to Iris: shuffled into her apartment with his slippers on and wine coolers, commandeering the remote and watching what HE wanted to watch or taking Iris to Jerry's Sandwich Shop for the two for one special.

I knew Wilbur was repulsive, but now he's even more repulsive. I agree with Scottie McW: Estelle, go back and find Mr. Burns (the old guy from Silver Daters.) Compared to Wilbur, he's a catch. Wilbur is nothing but a cleaned up Arthur/er.

Isee Wilbur taking back to the "thinkin' and drinkin' cliff" once Estelle tells him to get lost. When Frenchy gives Dawn the brush off, at least he'll have company.

I need to stop, I hate WIlbur with each passing minute.

PS: Wanders, don't desert us. You have a small but loyal fan base. My day would not be complete without your (almost daily) snark.

KitKat said...

I second the above comments - Wanders, we need you! We're in this together!

@Nance, you've come up with yet another perfect BFH title.

Estelle, it's high time for you to go to Singles Night at Food Team. Forget SilverDaters, and whatever you do, don't write to "Ask Wendy."

fauxprof said...

Don’t leave us, Wanders! This blog is one of the high points of my day.

@Nance, you too! The BHF titles reaffirm my faith in a literate humanity.

And now, Estelle. Cats don’t mean anything by “Meow” other than “feed me and attend to my needs”. That being said, they’re better company than Wilbur or any of the SilverDaters crowd. Perhaps you might want to start chatting with Mr. Allora/Alora. I get the impression he’s a widower.

Nance said...

@fauxprof, @Kitkat--Thank you, thank you. I only read MW for this blog and all of you. Boldface Haiku keeps me sharp and my Snark sharpened.

If Wanders deserts us, I'll be bereft.

lmjb1964 said...

OK, he didn't know she hated boxing, but I think one could reasonably assume that a friggin' documentary on boxing is not going to be everyone's cup of tea (or bottle of wine cooler), and is even less likely to be a woman's beverage of any kind. Of course, Wilbur is not reasonable. Wilbur, it turns out, is more of an idiot than we all realized. And we all thought he was a HUGE idiot.

Poor Estelle. Has she no self-esteem whatsoever? And I think the question Libby is asking is, "WTF??"

fauxprof had a great idea. Mr. Allora seems like a very nice man, has a steady job (Lord knows those Charterstone folks need all the help they can get), and would be handy around the house. That storyline would make me quite happy. Which means it will never happen.

Wanders, we all feel your pain, and thank you for your invaluable service. I have made a small offering to the Worthiverse gods in your name, that the storyline will not drive you insane, and out of the blogosphere. We're all here for you.

Besides, the BFH makes up for a lot of MW pain. Today's title is beautiful.

lmjb1964 said...

Also, do they even make wine coolers anymore? Does Wilbur have a stash of Bartles and James in his apartment?

Michael Beaumier said...

Oh my gawd Estelle — listen to the damn cat. You never even met your last boyfriend, who took you for ten grand, swore at you over the phone and made you go five continuous weeks without bathing — and even so, he sets a higher standard than Wine-Cooler Wilbur.

The joy of this comic is the primal screaming it causes me to do every morning.

r u ok? said...

What's really amazing is that Wilbur hasn't seen Estelle in months(?), admitted to Dawn that he hadn't kept in touch with her very much, and his first "date" with her is saying he's tired and then inviting himself over for wine coolers and a boxing documentary?

There are so many options for the next date - kite flying, fishing, hot air ballooning, bench sitting, anything else . . . even the Bum Boat would be a big step up. My guess is that Wilbur will be back with more wine coolers and a documentary on Australian rules football. Meow indeed.

Nance said...

@Imjb1964–Thanks so much. And Bartles & Jaymes are indeed back in business.


katyb said...

No sympathy (as if the universe cares) for Estelle or Wilbur. Both are dim, stupid and utterly unlikable. Why KM creates stories for all the loathesome characters of the Worthiverse is a mystery for the ages. If I saw Wilbur in the street, I would box his combed-over ears. And then pour scotch or a wine cooler over him.

Jmags said...

This blog is a great meeting place for Mary Worth aficionados. I’ve only been reading it for about 7 months. I’ll be back.