Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Mary Worth 3208

Really? Square one? Where were you before? Square two? Maybe three. You've had a hamburger with him and watched a boxing documentary. What else do you need to know about this buffoon who you thought was The One? Did you not communicate at all while he was overseas? At least Arthur contacted you everyday from Malaysia, or wherever it was. Even if it was just to ask you for money.

Speaking of asking for money, a special thank you to Karen, Meg, Laura and Jeffrey for your donations this week. Hearing my call for help, you decided to keep me motivated. Your donations were really appreciated.


Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

Ugh, if I had a choice of being with Wilbur or being alone, I'd definitely take being alone. Like you said Wanders, Wilbur is a buffoon. He stalked his ex-lover and her new boyfriend, for crying out loud! This guy is a few loaves short of a mayonnaise sandwich.

I am kind of confused. They go out on one lousy date and he runs off to Mozambique and obviously the emails from there were few and far between. If you're dating someone new, wouldn't you want to get to know them more and try to keep in touch? Now Estelle is confused like i am. But then, I'm reading way too much into this and am trying to probe KM's psyche, which is impossible.

Wanders, I threw some cash into the tip jar. You and everyone here brightens my otherwise aggravating workday. I look forward to spitting my water or whatever I'm drinking at the moment to read everyone's witty comments. Please keep it going!

RobC said...

Tonight our calendar is ...blank! No youth sports practice, no school functions, no Scouts and no meeting up with friends. We're home.

I guess my wife and I are back on Square One!

Ian Cameron, PhD said...

That’s exactly the problem, Estelle. You should have watched this instead of boxing documentaries. Wanders is there a way to get their theme song on the jukebox?

r u ok? said...

I also put some "wine cooler" money in Wanders tip jar. Reading this blog first thing in the morning puts a smile on my face which is nice way to start my day.

When will Estelle put on different earrings?

Jmags said...

We need this blog every day to communicate Mary Worth commentary! Thanks.

Chester the Dog said...

Chester here donated a little dog food money.

Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled

"The Estelle-Wilbur Relationship Précis".

Like know.
Work trip...
Back, square one!

Anonymous said...

Ah, there's that pose again, the one where she's standing with one hand on her hip and the other poised as if she's demonstrating the frost-free freezer in a 1950s Amana refrigerator commercial.

And it's funny that she's having this conversation with her back turned to Mary, which might be considered rude.

But then again, Mary saying "When he left for his work trip, that put a pause in your relationship" is so stilted and yet pointless that Estelle can be forgiven for not wanting to look at her.

Meanwhile, Mary's visit has Winky slipping into some serious cat depression.

Man, today's strip has it all, doesn't it?

-- Scottie McW.

KitKat said...

“Work trip,” “a pause in your relationship” - huh? Mary’s language sounds like it’s emanating from a defective translation program.

Why is Estelle speaking to Mary with her back turned? Is this her way of saying “I can’t face your smirky meddling any longer, you know-it-all”?

meg said...

Wilbur is to Estelle as Mary is to Jeff.

Tim said...

Honest question: has Wilbur ever been shown as having a redeeming quality? I don't think so, but I could be wrong. He is always presented as deeply unattractive, and I'm not just talking about his being extremely short and dumpy.

MDMaryTed said...

Hey Estelle, there is Skype and email and you didn't keep in touch with Wilbur while he was on his work trip? And what about all that time you spent online with Wilbur before meeting him? You didn't figure out he was a dud? Not even after he took you to that hamburger place? That giant floating hamburger in the window should have tipped you off. And you expect more than wine coolers and a documentary on boxing? You and Wilbur deserve each other.

I donated a little cat food money for Libby. I don't comment that often, but I enjoy reading this blog every day.

LouiseF said...

I think Libby/Winky looks depressed because she thought SHE was the one who put the "paws" in Wilbur and Estelle's relationship. Scottie McW, thanks for the Coffee Snorting through the Nose comment on Estelle's pose as Amana saleswoman. I still have the manuals from my circa 1972 clothes dryer, and I can safely say Sears had NOT updated their models by then. Maybe now they show men actually DOING wash. I recently saw a guy advertising laundry soap, but in the Worthiverse, it's always 1952. Anyone miss Toby yet? I am supremely tired of the Westons..

Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

@LouiseF, like you, I wish that KM would put the pause button on the Westons. They evoke such a strong sense of dislike in me that if they were real, I'd go to jail for beating the snot out of them for their blatant stupidity.

@Tim: No, Wilbur has never shown a redeeming quality. He's such a loser. He writes a "Dear Abby" type column under a female name, he's as smug as can be and he doesn't get his way, he's in the shower boo hoo hooing or sitting on some cliff. He is the most loathsome character in comic history, with the exception of the Katzenjammer Kids. Wilbur must have some mojo because Iris held on for a while. It sure isn't his stellar personality. Maybe she likes wine coolers. I'm assuming she had to get blotto to make him appear halfway decent.

I've spoke about my ex-BF that would come to my apartment to watch wrestling because he was too cheap to get cable. At least when he casme, he brought a pizza or something to eat. WIlbur can't even do that.

MissScarlet said...

Sorry to be so tone deaf Wanders. I've remedied the situation and added my two bits to the tip jar.

I would sorely miss you if you stopped writing this column...and all the wonderful contributors who inspire me every day.