Monday, October 28, 2019

Mary Worth 3217

For all his contemptible ways, you have to admit, he's the one person in the Worthiverse who knows how to hold a cell phone.

I have to give a great big public thank you to Rachel C. and her friends who sent me this inspiring T-shirt. I immediately took Mrs. Wanders out to dinner at our old familiar just so I could show it off in public. THANK YOU!!


Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

Love the shirt, Wanders! I hope you are an adventurous eater, unlike Dr. Jeff and had the monkfish stew.

On to Wilbur. Why must we see Wilbur in various stages of undress. He's disgusting enough with clothes on. I like his pink John Travolta "Saturday Night Fever" shirt with his size 50 belt to match.

I hope he does so much PDA at the restaurant that he is asked to leave. If he thought Iris was looking at him pitifully before, he hasn't seen the half of it.

Wilbur is such a contemptible toad. Why does KM keep forcing him on us.

Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

Wanders, I didn't read the secret message on your picture before I posted. Glad you had the monkfish stew LOL.

Something else I forgot to add. Now I know Estelle is brain dead. First she takes a cat in not knowing anything about it (she may be getting a psychopath like one of mine); then she wires 10n large to some sketchy character that she never even face timed or skyped with (all because she loved his flowery prose on the phone); she's dating Wilbur (a big red flag that she's brain dead); then she agrees to a double date with her BF's ex and her current main squeeze. Who in the world does that. IU rather jump down the well outside my house than go on a double date with any of my ex's, including most of all my ex-husband. Estelle is an idiot.

I hope Wilbur wears his slippers and brings wine coolers to the restaurant.

Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

I meant "I'd rather." I type too fast.

Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled

"Perhaps Estelle's Husband Took His Own Life; Just Saying".

Okay. Ready.
Iris, Zak! Fun!
Sounds good.

MDMaryTed said...

Perhaps Estelle, as dim witted as she is, is still trying to decide if Wilbur is worth dating? It seems all those two have done to get to know each other is watch boring documentaries and sing songs. Does Estelle even know about Iris? Or will she find out at the restaurant? That may be fun.
PS: Love the shirt Wanders!

Anonymous said...

Iris appears to be surprisingly amenable to the big double date, which must mean that she doesn't know that Iris is Willie's old flame. I imagine she's going to be highly p.o.'d when she finds out, which I hope will be while they're all sitting around the table at the new Thai restaurant on Elm. I'm envisioning her struggling to keep her composure while breathing heavily through her nose with an iron grin pasted on her face and her BP spiking at 220/110.

-- Scottie McW.

P.S. Excellent shirt, Wanders. I trust the mounted fish on the wall didn't have to beg for mercy.

KitKat said...

Wanders, you must have drawn many envious looks as you strutted your stuff in that priceless t-shirt! That shade of blue is so flattering, too.

Today’s strip... Who’s the demented pixie in the photo on the nightstand? That can’t be Dawn.

I’m thinking Wilbur might suggest to Estelle that she wear something tight, low cut, and short for the Double Date. He might also suggest she have her hair colored, with a Brazilian blowout thrown in for good measure.

LouiseF said...

M Wanders, your steely gaze at the rafters of the restaurant serves to show off your fabulous tee shirt well! As for Iris, I suspect she is just glad to be getting out of the house with Wilbur. I also can't wait to see Wilbur slurp up pad thai noodles from other peoples' plates. He strikes me as the type who doesn't order his own food but "shares" so he doesn't have to pay because he didn't order anything.

Anonymous said...

It appears as though Wanders and Mrs. W. must be discussing what the stuffed fish on the wall would say if it could talk.

Chester the Dog said...

A single man having a picture of your daughter next to your bed is kinda, ewww.

Michael Beaumier said...

Wanders, the contrast of how you look in your shirt — stylish, debonair, a Man About Town — only further crushes poor Wilbur — shlumpy, no hair, a Man About a Horse — more. Must you be so unkind?

Anonymous said...

DUH, I meant "ESTELLE appears to be surprisingly amenable . . . "

-- S. McW.

richard Koloda said...

wowo --- I hope Wilbur orders for all of them, and orders the escolar sushi. anyway, I was at a party at my girl friend's yacht club --and one of the members named his yacht the Bum Boat --at the cocktail party --I asked him about it -=-turns out that was what supply boats were called in WW2.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, Richard Koloda... I have to wonder why the supply boats were called Bum Boats; did this guy know?


Jana C.H. said...

from Origins of Sea Terms by John G. Rogers.
Bum Boat: A small harbor craft used for peddling to, or ferrying, ships' crews. The term applied originally to boats so used in the Thames, at and below London in the 17th century, and probably came from the Dutch word bom, bluff.

No, I didn't have to google it; the book was right on my shelf. I am a serious arm-chair sailor. I'm also a Gilbert and Sullivan fan: Little Buttercup in H.M.S. Pinafore is a bumboat woman, making her living selling food and sundries to sailors in the harbor who are not allowed on shore.

richard Koloda said...

btw, the joke about escolar is that it is called the diarrrea fish --there was a cruise ship that had to call for help because they ran out of toilet paper (and some people were slipping on stuff on the race to the restrooms (which were overflowing) --a knowledgeable world traveller like WIlbur would certainly know about escolar (as opposed to yokels like Iris and ZAk, and estelle) --of course he would be too stupid and eat it himself. LMAO

Sandi Ego said...

Awesome T-shirt, what a cool gift!
Man, I can't wait for this story to unfold.

Anonymous said...

Such educational content in these comments! My brain is drooling.
Michael Beaumier-- I will be using that "Man About a Horse" characterization in real life.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wanders. I think your restaurant made those booth cushions from Zak's kitchen curtains.