Friday, November 1, 2019

Mary Worth 3221

No, Wilbur. You were happy because you had a Polaroid camera and you didn't have to wait five days for Palgreens to develop your film. Ah, those were the days.

And a very special thank you to Sarah K., Clare A. and Fraser W. for your donations. I've also really enjoyed the kind notes that people send with their gifts. You really make me smile.


KitKat said...

Wanders, you beat me to the punch with your Polaroid remark. If anyone at Charterstone has a Polaroid camera it has to be Mary. She even has a case of the crayon-type sticks that one rubbed over photos to prevent smearing. (Ahem, I was a child in the Polaroid heyday, barely beyond infancy.)

And speaking of things retro and of punches, hey Wilbur, how about a nice Hawaiian Punch?

Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled

"Wilbur Is A Sloppy Drunk".

(Look at us!
Mine happy!
Good...Lucky Estelle!

Michael Beaumier said...

There sure has been a lotta lavender floating through Mary Worth this week, and in multiple shades, too. Mayhaps I shouldn’t make a big deal about it: when a mood ring turns purple, the wearer is described as "sensual but with a clear mind, tranquil, satisfied, balanced inside, passionate, sensual and romantic" — and we know Wilbur is none of these things.

Chester the Dog said...

Who took the picture?

Anonymous said...

KitKat - Believe it or not, I still have my Polaroid "Swinger" camera. I'm sure it must have been a baby shower gift to my mom.


Darth Curt said...

I really hope that Zack dumps Iris and woos Estelle. Iris is just too young for Zack, you know? Estelle will dump Wilbur to date Zack and then Iris and Wilbur are free to date each other again, and then double suicide off Lover's Leap, because please... put us out of our misery.

Anonymous said...


NOOOOO! It's too soon. I was hoping Wilbur would wait until they were all at the new Thai restaurant on Elm before he got faced. But now the big double date with Yak Guy and Irish is in jeopardy. Why should Estelle bear the brunt of this alone? This is terrible!

Just when we think something great is going to happen in this strip, Moy lets us down again.

-- Scottie McW.

meg said...

Suddenly the doorbell ‘rings’:


Who will it be?

Mary with a plate of muffins?

Dawn, with a croissant in the oven?

Or Ian, with a helpful suggestion?

“Awrite, Wilbur? I hear ye hae a braw bottle ay th’ Macallan 12. I’m haur tae help ye wi’ it!

KitKat said...

Is Wilbur just slurring his words, or is Iris of Irish descent? He sounds like a drunken lunkhead in a 50s B movie.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Wilbur will arrive at Estelle's only to find that she's snockered too. Then they both stagger to the new Thai restaurant on Elm.

-- S. McW.

meg said...

S. McW.: from your mouth to Moy’s pen.

Perhaps they can send for a Doober, or Squift, rather than dui-ing.

Garnet said...

Maybe Wilbur will pull an Aldo Keldrast and drive right off the thinkin' and drinkin' cliff?

While that would be interesting, I really do want to see him make a huge fool of himself in front of Estelle, Irish, and Yak.

Anonymous said...

What did I tell you guys? Once again, Lucy Moy whips the football away at the last second and we're flat on our backs again.


TimP said...

Totally agree, Scottie McW. The thing is we know that Moy can write the 'get drunk at the event' scene because she already has.

As for Estelle, I'm beginning to wonder if there's someone named Estelle in real life who has been getting under Moy's skin.

KitKat said...

Why Estelle is still going to the restaurant with an inebriated, stumbling Wilbur is beyond me. Maybe she’s really hungry and loves Thai food. Maybe she can’t wait to meet a couple named Irish and Yak. She’s risking Wilbur up chucking in her Volvo!
Anyway, it looks like we’ll get to witness the worst double date possible and Wilbur’s humiliation, with any luck! (Maybe Wilbur will throw up on Yak and/or get a lifetime ban from the Restaurant on Elm.)

meg said...

There’s still a chance for Mary to show up (bringing a batch of cat food muffins for Libby) and spoil the fun!

Anonymous said...

If Wilbur does yack on Yak, considering that in the Worthiverse scotch is purple, what color... nevermind...

Yahoonski said...

Amazing. Wilbur stutters in his thoughts.

Bill the Butcher said...

At…at leasht Libby didn’t shay “Meow” to whatsh-hishname telling Eshtelle about Irish and Yak Guy! Hic!

She’sh….she’sh shaving up the meowsh for when Eshtelle returnsh with her clothesh covered with whatsh-hishname’sh vomit, right? Hic!

Bill the Butcher said...

Amazing. Wilbur has thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Agree with KitKat; I can't understand why Estelle is going through with this. She must have less self-respect than Wobblin' Willie does. Or maybe she WANTS Wilbur to humiliate himself in front of Irish so she can have him all to herself, for whatever God-forsaken reason.

Whatever the case, this should be interesting [he said, ignoring years of evidence to the contrary that anything that happens in this strip is ever interesting].

-- S. McW.

P.S. "Yack on Yak" -- now THAT'S funny!

Garnet said...

I bet Eshtelle is wishing she'd have dated the plate-licker instead right now.

I'm not sure why she's still going through with this date. I'd have slapped Wilbur's stupid face and slammed the door on him. His face in the second to last panel is just begging for a good slap.

Maybe she wants him to humiliate himself in front of Irish and Yak? If so, then good for her.

Irish and Yak sounds like a good band name.

Islamorada Girl said...

Estelle just isn't very bright. She is so desperate for a man, any man to validate her existence that she'll let herself be scammed by a catfishing troll, and now, she's so stupid, she's going to with a pie-eyed smashed Wilbur to a public place where his ex and his ex's hot young boyfriend can watch her humiliation as Wilbur drunkenly karaokes all night. Ugh.

Bill the Butcher said...

Maybe....maybe Zak will turn out to be Eshtelle'sh long losht shon! Hic!

Haven't seen you around much on the 'Mudgeon in recent times.