Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Mary Worth 3202

So, Dawn waited until they'd walked three blocks and were seated at the Diner before revealing to Jared what "corny" stuff her dad and his girlfriend were into? And now I have to wait at least until the appetizers are brought out before Jared defines "wacky?" This has been a very suspenseful week!


Anonymous said...

No, Wanders. My guess is that Dawn told Jared about the corny piano sing-alongs first at the theatre, and then repeated the same sentence another 42 times before we showed up this morning. Why would today be any different?


Regina Wolfe-Parks said...

My guess is that they are Renaissance Fair actors or they're furries.

Can anyone be more corny or weird than Medical Assistant Jared or Dawn? Also, can that menu be any tinier?

I went back and looked at Medical Assistant Jared from two years ago and he must have had a face transplant, because he was plug ugly back then. Not to say he's handsome now, but compared to two years ago, he looks like Brad Pitt.

Nance said...

Today's Boldface Haiku is titled

"And Somewhere Hugo's Gag Reflex Kicks In".

Corny songs! Cat!
Wacky much!
Why? Do?

KitKat said...

Is this the Diner that Mary used to frequent, where she counseled/meddle in the lives of waitresses? That was the place where she ordered “a healthy salad” after dodging an undisclosed bullet at her doctor’s office.

I know what would be FUN: let’s have a triple date with the Dweebs, the Wackies, and the Cornies (including Libby)!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, yesterday I was going to suggest that they would cap their evening at Generic Diner, but then dismissed the idea because I figured June would be a little more creative than that. I figured wrong.

I think this is the same diner where Brandy told Tommy about her wacko mother. Or was it father? Or both?

They should make a parody movie of Mary Worth. I'd go see that in the theater.

"Corny beef"! That's funny, Wanders.

-- Scottie McW.

Sandi Ego said...

Jared has definitely improved his looks. Maybe his wacky parents gave him a gift card for plastic surgery for Christmas.

Michael Beaumier said...

Why does this feel like the set-up to The Aristocrats?

Dawn is into French guys who paint houses. It’s not a common fetish but, dammit, it’s hers.

Anonymous said...

Going out on a limb here. Jared's mother is dating Harlan and their wackiness is Parkour and ... I don't know ... the only other hobby of his I can remember is growing organic carrots or something.


MDMaryTed said...

So Tommy's mother is living with the millennial, Wilbur is dating Estelle, Jared's mother is dating some wacky person. Mary sure as heck isn't married. Are Toby and Ian the only married couple in that town?

Sue said...

I just read tomorrow's strip (well technically today's since it's a few minutes after midnight.

It was not what I was expecting Jared to say........ But I guess whatever floats your boat....

Meanwhile - note to Michael Beaumier - loved your line about how it sounds like a set-up to the Aristocrats. (We saw that in a theatre a few years ago. Can't believe how many people walked out- did they have no idea what the film was about????? A one joke film. and they had no clue.

(Just like Dawn)