Sunday, May 17, 2020

Mary Worth 3368

What does Mary Worth think a relationship on fire looks like?

Our two daughters graduated this weekend (the oldest with her masters, and the youngest with her associates), so we had a little family commencement ceremony on the front porch. Just had to share:


Sharon said...

Congratulations to your daughters, Wanders! May they set the world on fire -- in the best possible ways!

Nance said...

Congratulations to the ever-brightening Wanders Family. I wish you had made use of some boldface so that I could write them a haiku.

Anonymous said...

Caught fire "'like ours"?????

Sheesh, you could use Mary and Jeff's friendship to chill shrimp.

Uh, Mopey and Dopey, you're not in high school anymore. You don't have to make out in a car. Especially that one.

-- Scottie

KitKat said...

Congratulations to your daughters, and to you and your wife also, Wanders, on raising such a fine family. It’s impressive that all of you celebrated in style despite the pandemic. Although the commencement ceremonies didn’t go as your daughters had expected just a few months ago, this one will likely be more memorable.

A quiet friendship that has caught fire??? Like a dumpster fire, Mary? From observing you two, I think a better description is a quiet friendship that’s on such a low boil that the gas on the burner went out.

meg said...

Scottie @11:44-

They can’t go to her place because: Wilbur.

They can’t go to the naked yoga studio.

That leaves Jared’s place.
1. Life -sized Star Wars cut-outs.
2. Litter box.
3. Murphy bed.

I think the car might be best.

Wait! Wanders, did your house catch fire after the lovely graduation ceremony?

Sandi Ego said...

I'll bet the commencement speeches were far more interesting than the usual fare! Congratulations to your daughters and best wishes for their future endeavors
My son's high school graduation ceremony is tentatively postponed till July. After that he's attending UC Santa Cruz, undoubtedly from the safety of our home. No reduction in fees, of course. It's a crazy year. Thankfully everything is just the same in the Worthiverse.

r u ok? said...

Congrats to your daughters Wanders.

How many times has Mary doused Jeff's fire?

Gina said...

Congratulations, Wanders family!

LouiseF said...

All the best to your daughters times two, M. Wanders! The next generations will certainly experience Confucius' wish, "May you live an interesting life." This will happen for your daughters. The Worthiverse, on the other hand, will continue to churn in that world of no closure that JB referred to in her interview, Mary's wooden observations not withstanding.

katyb said...

Congrats on the grads, Wanders. If only Wilbur could mark his daughter's achievement as well. (What's Dawn's major, anyway? Short attention span theater?). Ah well. Maybe in the next century. Or not.

Lizanne said...

Congratulations to your daughters!

lmjb1964 said...

@Sandi Ego, I work at UC Santa Cruz! What will your son's major be? Does he know yet?