Monday, December 24, 2007

Mary Worth 83

I deliberately ignored Sunday's strip, but a couple of things do need to be reviewed before enjoying today's delightful installment. First, Mary Worth's right buttocks still throbs:
And Second, Mary owns an answering machine:

And as for this moring, I only wish Chester had thought balloons:

So I am pleased to announce the First Ever Mary Worth and Me Not-A-Real-Contest: If Chester could think, what would he be thinking in panel two above? Give it your best creative effort. The winner of this Not-A-Real-Contest will receive bragging rights and be able to pick a new song for our Charterstone Juke Box. I'll announce the winner on January 2nd!

*Note: This Not-A-Real-Contest is not a real contest.


Drak said...

"Ever since I gnawed off Mary's right hand, she's seemed eager to get rid of me."

birdie said...

"I want to live somwwhere where the entire entertainment system isn't dull gray.

I also want some more chihuahua!"

Wili said...

"C'mon, the answering machine os beeping! It could be my owner! My actual owner! Cut the music, check it ad get me out of here!"

Biscuit Carroll said...

"Would you mind if we just sat and talked instead?"