Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mary Worth 82

Oh, my stars. He chews one scarf and barks at a chihuahua and suddenly Mary is filled with doubt about her capacity to care for the dog she stole. Mary, I'm not fit for dog ownership either, and our dog chewed everything and puked all over the house on a daily basis!

And, again, what is it with your right buttocks? You are really fixated on it. So much so that you're starting to draw unwanted attention from the leader of the Vipers there. If I didn't know what you were thinking, I'd say you were coming on to him. And I don't think he has the same power that I have to read your thought balloons.

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birdie said...

Mary's newly discovered profound love for animals seems to be causing her to turn into a firefly. I'm not sure if the change is permanent.