Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mary Worth 85

I admit, I've been vacationing in Vegas so I haven't been posting a lot of Mary Worth blog entries, but I did meet many shady characters there. However, none were as shady as Vinnie "The Brain" DeSoto who has called to claim his dog, "Ralphie." To prove the dog is his, Vinnie asks Mary to get "Ralphie" to perform a trick.

Just the kind of cold blooded trick you'd expect from Vinnie "The Brain" DeSoto.

Unique? Uh, okay. Unique enough at least to convince Mary that Vinnie is on the square. Now, all she needs to do is meet Vinnie at some abandoned pier and collect the "reward."


Birdie said...

Um...I've taught my dog to do that. It's part of a routine that starts with "Stick 'em up!" (She stands on her hind legs with her paws up.) "Bang! Bang! You're dead!" (She does a dramatic death spiral and lies there waiting for her reward.)

Honestly, it's cute, and I'm really not a shady character. Really.

Of course, I've never left her playing dead in the middle of the street.

wanders said...

LOL! Now we know how Chester got lost!