Friday, February 1, 2008

Mary Worth 107

We're enlightened about a lot of things! No minimum wage (wink wink). Race-based compensation (wink wink). And sexual harassment is really cute and funny (wink wink).

There's a lot of speculation that Vera is setting Drew up - that she really isn't dating Ryan Harris. At first I didn't buy it because of the level of affection they're displaying. However, I will accept the theory on one condition: Instead of Ryan being her boss, Ryan is her homosexual colleague and confidante -- a gay version of Mary Worth, willing to meddle to fix this relationship. Because that would be so cute and funny (wink wink).


Tom said...

Mary Worth once again proves it is cutting edge by taking on the taboo subject of bosses dating their subordinates.

Birdie said...

Is that really a wink, or has he just been punched in the eye? If he's been punched, who did it, Vera or Drew?

Biscuit Carroll said...

Personally, I try not to wink at people in the first minute of conversation I have with them. It can be a bit unsettling.