Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mary Worth 108

"I am indeed a lucky man to own her."

I can't tell which is spinning around faster, the donut case or the table they're sitting at; but either way, I'm getting dizzy.

And I can't tell which is making me sicker, the spinning room or what passes for normal adult conversation in Santa Royale. Either way, I think I may hurl.


Toonhead said...

The background is moving faster than this conversation. I've been keeping a count on how long Mary Worth has been Mary Worthless. 20 days since Mary Worth appeared in her own comic strip.

Tom said...

If you have any children, don't let them see this, but frankly I'm appalled that Ryan has the audacity to fondle Vera's left breast in a public setting and in front of his competition.

wanders said...

Toonhead, this is the worst part about Drew and Vera - they upstage the Queen herself. However, I'm sure she'll extract her revenge.

And Tom, I hate to admit the same thought occurred to me, but I tried to think of baseball and Richard Nixon and it went away.

Biscuit Carroll said...

"How do you know Vera, Dr Cory?"
"I treated her for a transmissible disease."