Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mary Worth 111

The Dharma Initiative is alive and well at Junction Road Cafe (shout out to e at Long Live Locke!) I have absolutely no explanation for the mysterious woman who instantaneously materializes in the second panel, but perhaps this Orchid Station Orientation Video will help shed some light.

All I can say is, dang, that's spooky. My Mary Worth Conspiracy Theory continues to thicken ... and, no doubt, confuse.

On the upside, it looks like Vera won't be getting back together with Drew. Vera may be smarter than most people give her credit for. Although, I suspect dating your new boss isn't really that much smarter of an option.

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Tom said...

You know, when she kissed Drew, anyone could tell that it was definitely a "please don't worry about me anymore!" kiss.
That Drew is sure dense!
In addition to that single kiss meaning "thanks!", "don't worry!" and "good-bye!", in Charterstone, did you know a kisse like that in Europe mean "Yes I will wash your socks!" and "I need 15 euros!" and "Hello!". The one thing that the Charterstone and European kiss have in common is the meanings are bathed in exclamation points!
Since Vera and Drew are meant to be together, we can look forward to many more decades of them dancing around in amusing angst!
I am puzzled, however, by her hand gesture in the last panel. It clearly says "Come to my place and I'll dress like Dawn!"

However, let's pull away from their madcap adventure and look at Wilbur making a cameo appearance in the first panel. I was not aware he has resumed drinking.
Drew! Call Mary! Intervention time!