Friday, February 8, 2008

Mary Worth 112

"Something seems to be missing." Words I never want to hear a doctor say.

I just hate to see Drew lose that ol' spark, ya know? The fire in the belly when he knew he was the hottest young stud in the O.R. Now he's just a mopey Gus, defeated and pining away for his soul mate, the equally bland and ridiculously dressed Vera Shields.

One thing is certain, though: After a month of conversation at the Junction Road Cafe, their coffee could certainly use a warm up.


JLH said...

Here's something I noticed yesterday (Thursday): the doughnuts seemed to be swelling. Today we don't see any, just a bag. Do you think they exploded? Maybe the bag contains doughnut ash.... I'd keep an eye on the doughnut symbolism. It may be a subtext thingy.

Tom said...

"I hope you find it... whatever it is." Where's the exclamation point! Drew is having the last laugh though. We've already established he's taken Vera's purse.
This has dragged on interminably. We need the professor back in. Oh, and of course Mary.

wanders said...

jlh, Mary Worth is nothing without its subtext.

tom, Professor Ian hasn't made a true appearance since I started my blog in June of 2007! He's due!