Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mary Worth 114

And she DOES IT AGAIN! Vera, you are vicious! Every word, carefully calculated to cut Drew down to his corroded core!

But cheer up, Doctor Depression. With this post you have officially surpassed Mary Worth herself with appearances in my blog. Drew 58; Mary 57. If I'd posted more often, you would have passed her up weeks ago. As much as we all enjoy watching you roasted alive by woman after woman for your arrogance, I think I speak for the entire Mary Worth fan base (and I realize speaking on behalf of 17 people is a tremendous responsibility, so I'll choose my words carefully) when I say, "Bring back Mary Worth!!"

1 comment:

Biscuit Carroll said...

It would be nice to see Mary again, and Chester. But in six months' time, Vera should call up Drew again and invite him to this very same coffee shop.