Sunday, March 16, 2008

Akron Ohio Keeps Mary Anyway

As previously reported on this blog, Akron Ohio's Beacon Journal took a comics survey, but promised not to cut their serials. Bold move considering how many people in the Buckeye State expressed their utter hatred for Mary Worth. Is this a case of an editor being smarter than his readers, or just more disturbed? The Condo Board salutes the Beacon Journal for its courage in the face of unpopular opinion.


Ethel Mertz said...

I voted in that poll, and made it a point to say that Mary Worth, as well as Judge Parker and Rex Morgan, M.D., were *the* most hilarious strips the Beacon runs. Thanks to "Mary Worth and Me" and "The Comics Curmudgeon", I now experience an evil glee accompanied by full-on belly laughs that I only occasionally get from the "funny" funnies. THANK YOU!

wanders said...

Thanks, Mrs. Mertz! I couldn't agree with you more. It's an hilarious strip.

bats :[ said...

Have you posted the Akron article on CC? It NEEDS to be read! An interesting take on what people like, editorial prerogative and wow, what a bunch of new candidates to consider!