Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mary Worth 142

I'm having trouble keeping up with all the promises this story is committing to answer: Why is Mary Worth so compulsive about helping people? What happened to Mary's father? Why is Mary's mother so uninvolved? And perhaps the biggest question of all: Why did Mary feel so unworthy? What was she guilty of?

But one question has been answered by this morning's Sunday Serenade: What did little Mary do for food?

So if we suffer and endure long enough, perhaps we'll get some character development in this story? I hope.


hemingway complex said...

Oh, tragic! Little Mary is forced to eat weeds growing in some cement. Will this tie in to the concerning "It wasn't the only reason I felt unworthy . . ."?

shandyowl said...

The flower that beats the odds and blooms in the wasteland - just like Little Mary herself.

Only while Mary gets lucky and bags a rich man, the poor flower is killed - by Little Heartless Mary, so caught up in her own plight that she cares nothing for the tiny flower's struggle for survival.