Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mary Worth 135

Okay, okay, get on with it already. You've got our attention, Toby's almost finished eating an entire batch of snickerdoodles, now start your dang story.


birdie said...

"Something happened in my childhood that shaped who I am today."

Wouldn't that be pretty much true of everybody? Unless you are wholeheartedly on the nature side of the nature/nurture spectrum, you would think that whether one turns out to be a nun or an axemurderer, there is probably something in their childhood that pointed them in that direction.

It still isn't clear to me that Mary is on the whole closer to nun than axe murderer. She does still have Aldo on her conscience, after all.

hemingway complex said...

hahahaha - snickerdoodles = awesome! mary's pretty much pounding vodka or gin and tonics or whatever she's drinking as well. maybe that's why she's rambling on so much.