Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mary Worth 137


Mary is as changeless as the current plot! But I almost expect her to rip off her rubber mask and eat Toby's brain.

Please, lady, stop talking ABOUT the story, and just TELL it! My head will implode if this prologue goes on for another day. Yesterday I was joking about how quickly Drew went off to Vietnam, but in all seriousness, Drew decided to go to Vietnam on February 26 and his plane left the ground on March 2 - six days! We're on day five of Mary leading up to this flashback and I'm really going to be disappointed if I have to wake up ONE MORE MORNING to find Mary still talking about the story she is presumably about to tell!


birdie said...

But you know when she tells it, it's going to be really lame anyway. The anticipation is much more fun than the story.

Until she tells it, and disappoints us, we can imagine any exciting thing we want in her past.

Also, I don't think Mary is changeless. She is clearly getting younger, if you compare her today with a few years ago. THAT secret might make for an interesting story.

wanders said...

LOL. So true, birdie, so very true.

Maybe I should host another Not-A-Real-Contest and invite guesses on what her story is going to be about. My vote: Mary Worth as a High School Mean Girl.

Shandyowl said...

Lame? I think not - clearly there is going to be a major revelation of some kind.

A caution that things are not always what they seem can only mean one of two things: Mary is either going to blow the lid on the Kennedy assasination, Roswell, bigfoot, 9-11 and the whole Illuminati shebang


she is going to reveal that she is not a widow but is in fact her own dead husband, having undergone gender realignment.