Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mary Worth 139

Just when I'd given up all hope for a flashback, it happens. This story is going to go one of two ways: Either someone does a good deed for Mary and she spends the rest of her life trying to payback the favor, or she commits some misdeed so horrendous that she spends the rest of her life trying to atone for her guilt. Either way, I fear, it is going to be pretty pointless.


shandyowl said...

Here we go! Every comic book hero needs an origin story.

Mary's unhappy childhood leads her to vow that she will never stand by and see anybody else be happy and thus begins her scheming, offering apparently helpful advice that destroys the lives of those around her.

birdie said...

Poor little Flashback Mary! On top of it all, she had a bad haircut. It looks like her mother just chewed her hair off.

Seeing her look at that empty cupboard makes me want to cry. (Unless we are looking at a barred window. That kind of makes me want to scream. Let's call it a cupboard.)

But she married well, was conveniently widowed, and set for life.

However, due to the painful memories of childhood poverty, she has vowed never to experience that again. She will never give away her precious money when she can give away advice- for free!

So she got herself an encyclopedia of platitudinous advice, diligently memorized it, and thus we have the Mary we know and love.

Anonymous said...

She understands suffering and tries to reduce it wherever she goes.

There. Two and a half months of Mary Worth comics, in one sentence. See y'all in June!

shandyowl said...

Is it symptomatic of the cynicism rampant in society that we are all so eager to condemn Mary and attribute selfish motivations to her instead of following her example of helping others whenever possible?

Where is the love?

Anonymous said...

Literally no one has attributed selfish motivations to her but you Slow-be.

And ... we come not to bury Mary, but to praise her.

Amber said...
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