Friday, March 14, 2008

Mary Worth 140

We skipped the story and went straight for the platitude. The end. I know I was hoping for an actual tale of Mary Worth as a child, but we're probably all better off. Now, who wants to bet Drew comes home from Vietnam this weekend?


shandyowl said...

Perhaps Mary is going to launch into a diatribe against capitalism? If hardship builds character then a life of wealth logically results in individuals with no moral fibre.

I doubt she would have any problem denouncing material wealth in the afternoon then spending the evening reviewing the gains from her substantial portfolio of investments then demanding that the residents committee hire illegal immigrants at below minimum wage.

birdie said...

We were told we were going to hear a tale. She said "Something happened in my childhood that shaped who I am today."

"Something" shouldn't mean her whole childhood. We've been gypped!

But I'm still hoping. Little Flashback Mary must have got herself into some interesting kind of trouble while her mom was out. She can't always have been so boring.

JLH said...

Oh please -- surely Drew will stay put for a while -- like dad, like son.... As for Mary's "story", I think maybe we were just given a little breather this week because of the sudden!! explosion!! in FBOW. Whew! And then there was Niki and his mom getting a whole lot of money After All, Thank Goodness, AND Rex's "biological kid actually appearing in a strip.I know I could hardly have handled any more excitement this week. And it's time to make pysanky to save the world for another year, and watch Jupiter in the early a.m. and all sorts of other things! Thank you, Mary, for letting us down as gently as a falling feather.