Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mary Worth 144

Delighting in the insignificant? That's my entire raison d'être. It's why I love Mary Worth! I feel so validated today.

But panel two scares me. I find nothing delightful or insignificant in discovering that Mary Worth and Cathy have Super Breath. It is perhaps one of the most abused and volatile of super powers. How has Mary restrained herself all these years given the temptation to quickly solve all her problems with Super Breath?

I mean, even Superman couldn't control his Super Breath when Wonder Woman got on his nerves.


shandyowl said...

Mary Worth is a constant emotional rollercoaster: so often a gleeful, life-affirming first panel is followed by the grim foreboding of panel two and then the next day panel one is back to sweetness and light but wretched panel two follows close on its heels...and so turns the Wheel of Life.

When is Chester coming back? Drew can stay in Vietnam forever but I miss my cheery little beagle.

JLH said...

Perfect! I miss the li'l pup too. And Mary needs a friend who DOESN'T TALK. Here's the storyline: Mary wants a dog and Chester is now available, but someone raises the question, post-Westminster dog show beagle vistory, of the dangerous popularity of certain breeds and the need to ** carefully ** research a breed. That could take them several months and could certainly accomodate some melodramatic subplot in the dogpark. Maybe Clifford the Big Red Dog would visit and help resolve it all, and then Clifford would be hired by Charterstone to be a guard dog and also also do Pet Therapy gigs along with Mary -- she listens and gazes into alien space and talks, while he listens, cocks his head, and makes sympathetic and friendly panting noises.

Anonymous said...

Aphorisms or Platitudes?
Ans: How about a BIG bowl of Trite with a sprinkling of platiitudes?
And how can MW be "about" 60? The Old Girl's gotta be more like 80--or is that the "new" 60?

shandyowl said...

I think Chester is the best thing that ever happened to Mary. She was so busy looking after him that she had less time to interfere in other people's lives and he taught her valuable lessons about caring for those who are unable to look after themselves.

During the Chester storyline I even sent a letter to Karen Moy suggesting that Mary keep Chester permanently because even when he is not the focus of the story he still brightens the strip up by looking cute in the background.

Unfortunately she did not heed my advice (perhaps because I came across as a dangerous lunatic) but one of these days she will realise the folly of her ways and relent.