Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mary Worth 145

How can you talk when you're being strangled?

I would think the best thing about drawing a 50-year flashback would be the opportunity to research period architecture and design that would enhance the romantic nostalgia of the story. Based on the house, it appears Joe Giella may not be all that much into research. Or drawing.


shandyowl said...

I am sorely disappointed in today's Mary Worth. It doesn't move the story along or tell us anything that has not already been established.

Perhaps I speak too hastily - this may be a deliberate slowing of pace in order to make a forthcoming revelation or traumatic childhood incident more shocking.

drac said...

shandyowl? This is Mary Worth we're talking about, right? At least half of all strips are redundent I'm guessing.

wanders said...

One of the great benefits of reading Mary Worth is learning to live with disappointment.

Toonhead said...

I suspect Joe Giella does not get paid enough to research period styles. He has other more lucrative gigs. He draws Mary Worth for beer money.