Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mary Worth 146: My apology

First, let me say, these are beautifully rendored cupboard doors. I had a set at home, and they were horrible. We had to replace them every six months because they'd fall apart until we finally redid the cupboards, so I see Mary's cupboard and think how pathetic her life was as a child.

Second, I just want to apologize to Joe Giella for yesterday's rant. I'm ashamed of myself. Giella is one of the greats, and I had no right to criticize him. It's just... well, it's just that here we are travelling back in time fifty years, and -- well, personally, I've always dreamed of owning a Giella original drawing of Mary Worth riding in the Batmobile. Giella inked Batman for years - he even penciled Batman for three or four years in the 60s. So I figured Giella knows how to draw a car with a tail fin, and I was just hoping that by now, we'd get to see a cool classic car, or a malt shop or something. But I'll settle down now and trust the master to depict this story in whatever way he feels is best. Joe, you are great; I have not lost faith, and I apologize.


birdie said...

I think he made a mistake in drawing the cupboard completely bare.

Everybody knows that even the barest pantry will usually have a box of Prince macaroni and cheese (which sold at the time for about 5 for a dollar). It will sit there forever because you need to add milk and butter to prepare it, and the fridge is empty except for an old jar of relish and an empty mustard bottle.

The pantry should also have a few mason jars of dried beans, and a bag of grits.

shandyowl said...

How inconsiderate of emo-Mary! She is wallowing so deep in self-pity that she is entirely neglecting the feelings of those of us who not only feel worthless but have no friends.

This is almost as bad as when people ramble on about being bipolar just to make themselves look superior to simple depressives.

Soon the truth will out - Mary and her mother have plenty of food but Mary is stupidly looking in the wrong cupboard.

Anonymous said...

shandyowl: Silly me! All this time I've been thinking that Mary and Mom were perpetually visited by the Grinch--you know, the guy who took the poor Whos last can of Who Hash.
This story line shows no sign of ending