Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mary Worth 153

If you haven't read today's strip, click here. I'm not even going to bother reprinting it.

Now I understand why there was so much build up to this story. She was stalling. I can't say I'm surprised by this turn of events, but I do admit to being massively disappointed... again.


birdie said...

I'm still trying to understand today's strip. The second panel seems to be some sort of laying-on-of-hands annointment ritual. Even the bird seems to be involved.

What concerns me is what the first panel means. Did she "take note of the value of" herself as some sort of human sacrifice? That certainly is what her expression in the second panel implies. She looks more scared than happy.

I hope she escapes from this strange cultist family. Maybe gratitude for her escape is what leads her to a life of shining goodness and meddling.

JLH said...

I'm speechless, mouth agape....

shandyowl said...

Cathy's family are very kind but they are also the worst hide-and-go-seek players in the world.

Mary counted to at least 100 with her eyes covered and instead of hiding they actually moved even closer to her.

Perhaps there is some zen lesson that I am missing?

birdie said...

Wanders, I'm afraid you might be reading this strip at face value. You know that is a very dangerous thing to do. It could lead you to drastic action like petitioning the papers to have it removed.

Take another look at today's strip. It is rich with possibilities.

Anonymous said...

birdie: You're on to something. It's now obvious that Mary was dining with the Meddling Angels. In the second panel, they are making her one of their own, complete with a decending bird!
The first panal seems to be a bad joke: Mary "discovered" her own...[Are you ready? Drumroll, please]..."worth"!

shandyowl: Nice slide! :-)

Mollie said...

Doesn't the second panel make it sound like Mary is saying, "Okay, God, I'll acknowledge you this one time. But that's it. From now on, I'm doing this on my own!"

birdie said...

Molly, it does sound that way, doesn't it? But the second panel hints that the higher power might be that bird.

Or is that a dove descending from heaven?