Friday, March 28, 2008

Mary Worth 154

Okay, okay, I'm over my sour-puss reaction from yesterday. Fortunately, you, dear readers, picked up my slack with your hilarious comments. I'm not sure why I was so disappointed. This morning's strip made me laugh again. First, it foreshadows Mary's penchant for marrying into wealth, as her mother obviously did.

Second, "something shifted inside?" That's just plain beautiful, man. It explains why Mary appeared to be in such pain during grace.

What a wonderful story this has been!


Anonymous said...

I hope you post the entire monologue when it's (really, actually) over!

wanders said...

Rest assured, I shall... I thought today's strip might make a good finale, but I'm sure there will be more ramblings on this remarkable story in the days, perhaps weeks, to come.

shandyowl said...

Live by the sword and eventually you die by the sword.

I am in the UK and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer updates Mary Worth on its website at some point between my leaving home and arriving at work so I always get to read it at the start of the day. 'Mary Worth and Me' usually updates around the time I take lunch.

Today this has been my downfall because I thought of an apposite comment as soon as I read today's installment but now that I come to post I realise that it has entirely slipped my mind.

Rest assured, I shall return if I recall what I was going to say but in the meantime please allow me to leave you with the observation that were the perspective in the first panel to be altered sightly, we would be able to see that the guy on the left is taking a whiz. We would also be able to see Mary's left hand gripping Toby's wrist, preventing her escape.

What "incident"? Enjoyable though this story has been, nothing has happened. There has been much talk of startling revelations but so far it has all been smoke and mirrors.

birdie said...

When this is over, I'm going to miss Little flashback Mary. I hope they keep her as a running character. She could be used to explain all sorts of peculiarities that Mary has.

I feel so much closer to Mary, now that I know where she came from. Don't you?

I wonder if we'll ever meet Little Flashback Jeff? I know Little Flashback Aldo would be too much to hope for.

wanders said...

Birdie, I feel for you. So I've gone ahead and created a "Flashback Mary" tag. All you have to do is click the tag, and all of Flashback Mary's appearances will be in one place for your viewing pleasure.

birdie said...

Thank you, Wanders. That will be a great comfort to me when Mary goes onto some other fascinating plot twist. We all knew this flashback couldn't last forever, even if it seemed that it could.

Anonymous said...

Wait. there was a plot twist? I've been reading it every day, when was the plot twist?

Was it the whole dinner? Is "You're welcome to eat with us tonight, Mary" really a plot twist?

I feel just as left out as Little Flashback Mary! But, then again ... isn't there a waifish LFM in all of us? With a bad bowl cut?

birdie said...

The plot twist was that gut-wrenching moment when Little Flashback Mary felt something shift inside her.

You're right, there's a bit of LFM in all of us. Maybe that's why I'll miss her so much.

shandyowl said...

A spin-off? The Adventures of Little Flashback Mary and her Faithful Pet Beagle?