Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mary Worth 163

Today's quiz: How many points of irony can you spot in the drawing above?

For the answer, hold your monitor up to a mirror:

eb dluow ti taht tnih etarepsed s’annoD etipseD (1
sah dna gniyd si ehs hguoht neve ,skoob owt daer ot reh rof retsaf
gniog s’yraM ,melborp reh evlos ot yraM wolla ot naht ,stcaratac
.yawyna elddem ot

Also acceptable:

ehs teY ".naf odlA na m'I" rof margana na si "iflamA annoD" 2)
.sesuac larutan fo gniyd eb ot sraeppa


birdie said...

She's holding the books backwards, showing no interest whatever in the titles or content of the books.

I suspect that her dilemma is a wobbly bed, and she intends to use those books to prop upt the short leg.

shandyowl said...

How will Mary tackle the tricky subject of euthanasia? I think that we can count on her to solve the dilemma in the most morally acceptable way possible, even if it involves increased suffering by preventing the patient from taking any of those terribly immoral painkilling drugs. Drugs are bad. Always.

Lindsey said...

You heard her, Mary. SHE DOESN'T HAVE A LOT OF TIME LEFT. Not only must you fix her problems, but it's TIMED. You don't have 3 months to say one paragraph anymore. Times are changing. The world is quicker, sleeker. You must hone your meddling skills to be faster than any problematic adversary. Hop to it, Mary! She's counting on you!

spike said...

lindsey: Please don't get my hopes up that this'll be a short "Love-of-Chester" story arc. Mary obviously intends to make herself remain with this poor woman through Donna's final "dark night of the soul"--which should end in October.

Shandyowl: Like Roseanne Roseannadanna, Mary will start dropping none-too-subtle hints: "So, Donna, have you ever thought about, oh, teenagers in Taipei?"

birdie: If Donna has any sense, she'll throw the book at Mary's skull once Mary turns around to grab a chair and talk Donna to death.

wanders said...

So many hopeful comments. It won't be long before we're all screaming, "Die already! Put us all out of our misery." But for now, we can cling to the thrill of pretending we don't know where this is heading.

Fnarf said...

I think the irony is that, although she's knocking at death's door, and weaker than a kitten, Mary has just handed her two gigantic encyclopedia volumes that probably weigh fifteen pounds apiece. She's moments from dropping them on her face and breaking her nose.

spike said...

wanders: How soon before the colorist gets bored with the all-green hospital uniform, and starts messing with our heads by giving MW an occasional blue set of slacks during this story line? :-)

birdie said...

She doesn't seem to have a lot of stamina. If Mary gets started talking, Maybe she'll die of boredom and her dilemma will be solved.

That probably won't stop Mary from finishing her story though.