Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mary Worth 164

Mary, uh, back out slowly before you get yourself killed. Clearly Donna Amalfi is the "Godmother" of the infamous Amalfi crime family. They've pretty much owned Santa Royale since 1974. When Donna Amalfi dies from her "condition" - small doses of dioxin judging by her face - the feud will no doubt turn into a blood bath.


shandyowl said...

As you alluded yesterday, Donna's dilemma will be over as soon as Mary smothers her with the pillow. Funny, isn't it, how so many patients seem to die shortly after a visit from the book cart...

I am sure the Amalfi boys have been arguing ever since their mother was hospitalised: "Let's pay for the operation" "No! This is our chance to be rid of ehr forever!"

spike said...

Donna's not going to die from her "condition". She's clearly multitasking--sizing up Mary while reading through the cover of an upside-down, reversed closed book.

I want to know "Ron's" full name. Clearly the anagram to solve as far as this story arc is concerned is "Leonardo da Vinci".