Friday, April 18, 2008

Mary Worth 173

Comedy's Rule of Three: If the arrow through the head gag was funny once, three days in a row is down right hilarious! However, if it happens tomorrow, the joke is over. Over. That would violate Comedy's Rule of Three. Now go out there, and be three times as funny!


shandyowl said...

What is all this talk of recovery? I thought that the crux of this story was that Donna is terminally ill (though sensitively refraining from upsetting anybody by mentioning what her affliction is)?

Does interfering bring with it Miraculous Powers of Healing or is Mary going to give Donna a stern talking-to and tell her to stop dying?

"Pull yourself together Donna - I was poor for a little while and I recovered, so you can beat this!"

boojum said...


Oy. I need more coffee. My first reading of your comment: "...or is Mary going to give Donna a stem cell talking to?"

Mary Worth Meddling: Now at the sub-cellular level!!