Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mary Worth 174

This is one of those family squabbles that's going to go on for a while. I can just see these two at the funeral:

Ron: If you'd just taken a day off work, Mom would be alive right now!
Richie: My case load has been too heavy, tough guy. It ain't easy being a family therapist, you know!
Ron: I'm surprised to see you took a day off to attend the funeral!
Richie: All right, smart guy, you and me, in the parking lot. Right now!
Ron: I've got to deliver a eulogy!
Richie: Mom always did like you better!


Anonymous said...

Donna must be a horrible mother to have raised two such baboons.

spike said...

Anon: Right you are! Perhaps Donna will expire while the boys mix it up out on the parking lot. Mary is sure to follow them and "referee".

Meanwhile, Mary appears to be considering which one of "The Boys" will ask her out first. Look out, Dr. Jeff!

Meanwhile, back at the hospital library, the woman who sent Mary out to deliver material three hours ago, looks up at the clock and smiles. Once again she has dodged the intrusive Old Girl's questions about her non-hospital life...