Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mary Worth 175

Thank you Karen Moy, for listening to your readers. During the Mary Worth flashback storyline, how many times did we hear your fans scream out, "Show! Don't tell!" Now, we've completely abandoned logical narrative and dialog for action, action, action. Well done!

However, I do worry that Mary Worth fans will be negatively influenced by today's installment, much as my children are influenced by the violence we let them watch on television. Keep your eyes on your local nursing home for an increase in violent episodes. I'd hate for one negative incident to jeopardize Mary Worth's wholesome, boring reputation.

For those who are wondering if violence is something new to this comic strip, I'm reposting "Kung Fu Fighting" for a more thorough examination of violence in Mary Worth.


birdie said...

Since we can't stop the fighting, maybe we should be taking bets on who comes out of the parking lot victorious. I'll put my money on Ron.

Anonymous said...

Is that a really fist-fight, or is it the most awkward attempt at a waltz ever witnessed?