Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mary Worth 198

"How's my mother? How's my mother? She's as dead as your comic strip in the Tacoma News Tribune!"

Editor David Zeeck: "We’re dropping Mary Worth, which appears in relatively few newspapers any more, to make room for the new strip [Zits]." Oh, sure, everybody's doing it. That excuse didn't hold up with your mother, young man, and it certainly won't hold up with Mary Worth! Time to write to another editor: david.zeeck@thenewstribune.com, or just call him at: 253-597-8434. Be sure to mention "Mary Worth and Me."

Now what's up with that blood-stained book?


shandyowl said...

Just like the generator in John Carpenter's The Thing, "She's gone, McReady"

That is an extremely ambiguous statement. "Gone" in what sense? Is she dead? Has she simply disappeared? Does this mean that she is now roaming the land as one of the undead? Has some mad scientist reanimated her? Was Wanders right all along and she was faking it in order to bring her feuding idiot sons back into line?

This "conclusion" raises more questions than it answers.

spike said...

shandyowl: How right you are about the idiot son! Ron was just calling Mary to explain why he's going to have to cancel their first date. (Watch out Dr. Cory!)

Donna has just gone to find Chester.

Anonymous said...

Mary Worth killed Donna Amalfi to meddle with Ron/Rich/Ron and Rich/Ron/Rich. Or whatever.

I'm sticking to it no matter what. Mary Worth is a serial killer, people..! Who suspects the sweet, innocent old lady with butterscotch candies and extra handkerchiefs in her purse?

That bloody book is just a memento keeper, as all serial killers are wont to own; a drop of blood pressed between each page a la Dexter.

As an aside, it is truly telling that the most entertainment to come from this strip lies in making crap up about it.